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Church visitor forms are an important way for churches to keep track of visitors and their contact information. This form can help church staff keep in touch with visitors, and potentially follow up with them after they leave. Having a visitor form is also a way to make sure your church is welcoming to newcomers. It's important to have a well-designed form that makes it easy for visitors to provide their information. You can find free templates online, or create your own form using a word processing program. Whatever you do, be sure to collect the following information from each visitor: name, address, email address, and phone number. You may also want to ask about the visitor's religious preference and why they came to church that day.

You will find details about the type of form you intend to submit in the table. It will tell you the span of time you will require to finish church visitor form, what parts you need to fill in and some other specific details.

Form NameChurch Visitor Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameschurch visitor cards templates, church visitors form sample, church visitor form, visitors form for church

Form Preview Example

_______________ CHURCH


Last Name:

First Name:

Street Address:

City, State & Zip:

Home Phone:

Mobile Phone:

Email Address:

I would like to receive monthly news by email: Yes No

I wish to be contacted:

By Phone

By Email

By Personal Visit

No Thank You

I am:

Interested in becoming a member

Visiting, but may be interested in becoming a member

Seasonal Visitor, but want to be active here


How to Edit Church Visitor Form Online for Free

It is very easy to fill in the church visitor pdf. Our software was created to be assist you to prepare any form swiftly. These are the basic actions to take:

Step 1: Select the button "Get Form Here" on the site and next, click it.

Step 2: Now it's easy to change the church visitor pdf. The multifunctional toolbar lets you insert, erase, transform, and highlight content as well as carry out other sorts of commands.

For every single area, create the information requested by the platform.

church visitors slip blanks to complete

Complete the Mobile Phone, Email Address, I would like to receive monthly, I wish to be contacted, By Phone By Email By Personal, I am, and Interested in becoming a member areas with any content that is required by the software.

church visitors slip Mobile Phone, Email Address, I would like to receive monthly, I wish to be contacted, By Phone  By Email  By Personal, I am, and Interested in becoming a member blanks to fill

The application will demand you to give specific relevant details to automatically fill in the section Comments.

church visitors slip Comments fields to fill

Step 3: As you hit the Done button, your ready document can be simply transferred to each of your devices or to electronic mail stated by you.

Step 4: Prepare duplicates of your document. This is going to protect you from upcoming misunderstandings. We do not read or reveal your details, therefore you can be confident it will be protected.

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