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When it comes to nursing, there are many different ways to make your patients feel more comfortable. One of the simplest and most effective methods is by using cna shower sheets. Cna shower sheets can help to keep patients clean and dry while they are in bed, which can make them feel more comfortable and provide a sense of privacy. In this blog post, we will discuss what cna shower sheets are, how they work, and some of the benefits that they offer. We will also explore some of the different types of cna shower sheets that are available on the market today.

Form NameCna Shower Sheets Form
Form Length1 pages
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Other namesshower schedule nursing home template, shower sheets for cna, cna shower form, shower sheets for nursing homes

Form Preview Example

Skin Monitoring: Comprehensive CNA Shower Review

Perform a visual assessment of a resident’s skin when giving the resident a shower. Report any abnormal looking skin (as described below) to the charge nurse immediately. Forward any problems to the DON for review. Use this form to show the exact location and description of the abnormality. Using the body chart below, describe and graph all abnormalities by number.

RESIDENT: _______________________________________________ DATE:_______________________

Visual Assessment

1. Bruising

2. Skin tears

3. Rashes

4. Swelling

5. Dryness

6. Soft heels

7. Lesions

8. Decubitus

9. Blisters

10. Scratches

11. Abnormal color

12. Abnormal skin

13. Abnormal skin temp (h-hot/c-cold)

14. Hardened skin (orange peel texture)

15. Other: _________________________

CNA Signature:_________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

Does the resident need his/her toenails cut?

Yes No

Charge Nurse Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

Charge Nurse Assessment:___________________________________________________________________________


Intervention: ______________________________________________________________________________________


Forwarded to DON:

Yes No

DON Signature: ________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

Document available at

MO-06-42-PU June 2008 This material was prepared by Primaris, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Missouri, under contract with the Centers for Medicare

&Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The contents presented do not necessarily relect CMS policy. Adapted from Ratlif Care Center.

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