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For students and alumni of Shasta College, navigating the journey of education and career advancement often involves sharing their academic achievements with prospective employers, graduate schools, or other institutions. The Office of Admissions and Records at Shasta College facilitates this process through the Official Transcript Request Form, a critical tool in formalizing the achievements of students. Located in Redding, California, the office ensures that handling such requests is both structured and secure, requiring detailed information from the requester, such as Shasta College ID or Social Security Number, birth date, dates of attendance, and complete contact details to ensure accuracy and privacy. The form accommodates a range of requests, including standard processing, rush orders, semester grade holds, and even specifies how many transcripts can be requested at a time, with a cap at ten per request. Important notes clarify that transcripts will only include courses taken at Shasta College, underline the responsibility of the student for providing complete and legible mailing addresses, and detail the fees associated with these requests. Each request is treated with stringent privacy measures, requiring a signature to authorize the processing and release of transcripts. The form also outlines the costs involved, including fees for rush processing and the policy on the first two transcripts being issued for free. Additionally, it mentions the necessity of clearing any past debts to the college before requests are processed, and provides a method for payment directly on the form. This comprehensive form ensures that the process of obtaining official transcripts from Shasta College is meticulously managed, facilitating a vital step in the academic and professional advancement of its students and alumni.

Form NameCollege Shasta Transcripts
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesshasta transcript, shasta college request transcripts, shasta college redding ca transcript request, college shasta transcripts

Form Preview Example



Office of Admissions and Records



P.O. Box 496006 Redding, CA 96049-6006



Phone: (530) 242-7650 Fax: (530) 225-4995








Check here if you attended Shasta College prior to 2004.

Today’s Date:






Shasta College ID or Social



Security #:

Birth Date:

Dates of Attendance:

Last Name:

First Name:


Middle Initial:

All prior names :




Street Address:






Zip Code:


SIGNATURE (REQUIRED to process and release transcripts)












Number of transcripts being requested from this form:


MAX 10 per request.
























Allow 10 business days for processing. 20 days at the




Send Transcripts now.


end of semester (from when grades are posted)*















Allow 2 business days for processing. 5 days at the end









RUSH processing service.

of semester (from when grades are posted)*






EOS requests will only be accepted in the last month of









Hold for

semester grades.

the semester.requests sent in prior won’t be processed.




Pick Up Service


Selecting this will not affect processing time. You will









still need to check RUSH if you want faster processing.

*contingent upon availability of grades





GEC (CSU Only)


IGETC (CSU or UC Only)










1.Transcripts only include courses taken at Shasta College.

2.The student is responsible for a Complete and Legible mailing address.

3.A separate form is required for EACH address.

4.For Pick Up Service only list your name and telephone below.

Mail To:

A window envelope is used for mailing. Make sure the text fits within the boxed area below.

Mail to:





Optional Release Statement (Proxy): Required if someone other than you is PICKING UP your request.



authorize Shasta College:






(Student Name)

(Signature required for proxy)

To release my education records to:


















Student Credit Card Authorization:

I authorize Shasta College to charge any past debts owed to the college and/or the cost of this request to my credit card. SIGNATURE:


Circle one:





1.The first two official copies ever issued are free, after that each copy is $5.00. Rush processing is an additional $10.00 per copy.

2.Transcript fees MUST be paid at the time the request is submitted. You can pay by cash, money order, check or credit card.

3.All past debts to the college must be paid before transcripts are processed.

4.All fees are payable to: SHASTA COLLEGE

5.For debt information please go to: Click on MyShasta, login, and select pay fees.

6.Multiple requests are sealed in individual envelopes unless otherwise requested.



Received by:



Transcript Count:








(prior + current)

Transcript Fees

Rush Fees:

Delinquent amount:

Total amount owed:

Payment Type

Amount Paid



Credit Card


Date Processed:







Expiration Date:

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It is quite simple to fill in the shasta college transcripts from 1999. Our PDF editor was made to be help you complete any form swiftly. These are the basic actions to take:

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These sections will help make up your PDF document:

stage 1 to filling out shasta college request transcripts

Write the essential information in the CERTIFICATIONS Notes, GEC CSU Only IGETC CSU or UC Only, Transcripts only include courses, For Pick Up Service only list your, A window envelope is used for, Mail to, Attn, Street, CitySt Zip, Optional Release Statement Proxy, Signature required for proxy, authorize Shasta College, Date, Name, and Required area.

stage 2 to entering details in shasta college request transcripts

Provide the crucial details the Required, Circle one, Visa, Mastercard, Other, Date Processed Comments TRRQ, Card, and Expiration Date section.

Entering details in shasta college request transcripts step 3

Step 3: Press the Done button to save your document. At this point it is offered for export to your electronic device.

Step 4: Attempt to create as many copies of the document as possible to stay away from possible misunderstandings.

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