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Requesting transcripts from Laney College, part of the Peralta Community College District, is an important step for students moving forward in their educational or career paths. The process is outlined in the official transcript order form, which accommodates various needs through multiple delivery options and fees. Students can choose between regular delivery, taking 7-10 business days for a fee of $6.00 per copy, or rush delivery, priced at $12.00 per copy for a turnaround of 3-5 business days. For those needing their transcripts sooner, a same-day service is available for $25.00 per copy, provided they are collected from the District Admissions & Records Office within 2 hours. A pick-up processing option allows for collection at the same location in 2 business days for a $12.00 fee. The form thoughtfully includes a provision for students who attended prior to 1970, albeit with a longer processing time of up to 20 days and no option for rush service. Additionally, it offers a commendable benefit of two free transcripts for each student, albeit for regular delivery only. However, orders are contingent on certain prerequisites: a signed and dated request from the student, clearance of any debts to Peralta, and no outstanding holds on the student’s account. Payment for mailed requests necessitates a check or money order, explicitly advising against sending cash or credit card information through mail. A notable feature of the Laney College transcript process is its inclusive approach, ensuring that a single transcript encompasses all courses taken across the Peralta Community College District's colleges, thereby simplifying the process for students who have taken courses at multiple campuses within the district. This unified transcript service, alongside the variety of processing and delivery options, underscores the district's commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of its student body.

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Peralta Community College District

Admissions and Records

Berkeley City College

College of Alameda

Laney College

Merritt College


Transcript Fees:

Regular Delivery - $6.00 per copy: mailed within 7-10 business days.

Rush Delivery - $12.00 per copy: mailed within 3-5 business days.

Pick-up Processing-$12.00 per copy: students pick-up transcripts at the District A&R Office in 2 business days.

Free Transcripts – Students’ first two transcripts requested are free. (Regular delivery only)

Prior to 1970 processing – Allow up to 20 days (there is no rush service for prior to 1970 records).

Same day transcripts - $25.00 per copy: available within 2 hours at the District Admissions & Records Office only.

Transcript requests will not be issued/processed if any of the following criteria are not met:

Signed and dated written request from student.

All Peralta debts paid in full and all holds cleared.

A mailed transcript request must have check or money order included. Do NOT mail cash or credit card information.

Mail order form and payment to:

Peralta Admissions

333East 8th St. Oakland, CA 94606

Note: One transcript will include all courses taken at all Peralta Community College District locations.

ATTENTION: Before ordering a transcript, ensure that your grades and degrees are posted in PASSPORT.

Student Information

Please print clearly:

Did you attend prior to Fall 1970?








Date of Birth:

Other names used at Peralta:


No. & Street





Zip Code

Email Address:




Phone #:




Student ID# OR SSN:


Dates of Attendance:






















Send Transcripts To:









Number of copies:


Processing Type: Regular




























Rush Pick-Up

Same Day

No. & Street



Zip Code











Number of copies:


Processing Type:















Regular Rush Pick-Up

Same Day

No. & StreetCityState Zip Code


Student SignatureDate

Admissions & Records/Cashier’s Office Use Only

Amount Due:


A&R Initials: _____________________

Date: ____________________

Amount Due:


Cashiers Initials: ___________________

Date: ____________________

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Type in the details in the Student Information, Please print clearly, Did you attend prior to Fall, YES, Name, Last, Other names used at Peralta, First, Date of Birth MI, Address, No Street, Email Address, Student ID OR SSN, City, and State field.

Filling out transcripts peralta request get part 2

It's essential to record particular information in the area Admissions RecordsCashiers Office, Amount Due AR Initials Date, and Amount Due Cashiers Initials.

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