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The Colorado 104X is a tax form that is used by taxpayers to report the sale or exchange of certain types of property. The form must be filed within 30 days after the sale or exchange occurs, and it can be used to report profits or losses from the transaction. There are specific instructions for completing the form, so it is important to consult them carefully before filing. This guide will provide an overview of the Colorado 104X form and explain how to complete it correctly.

Form NameColorado Form 104X
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other names2010104x can you file colo 104x online form

Form Preview Example

FORM 104X instRuctiOns

The 2010 Form 104X, Amended Colorado Income Tax Return, is used to correct your 2010 individual income tax return. For more information or any questions pertaining to income, additions, subtractions, credits, etc., refer to the income tax book for 2010, or call the Department of Revenue at (303) 238-SERV (7378). You can also obtain forms and information from the Web site at WWW.TAXCOLORADO.COM

Complete Form 104X showing the correct amounts for income, additions, subtractions, taxes and credits.


Lines 30 through 36 compute the amount owed to the state on the amended return. Any decrease in the amount of the overpayment (line 30) or increase in the amount owed (line 31) will indicate that an amount is owed with the amended return.


Lines 37 through 41 compute the amount of credit available on the amended return. Any increase in the amount of the overpayment (line 37) or decrease in the amount owed (line 38) will indicate that an overpayment is available with the amended return. The overpayment can be credited to estimated tax (line 40) for the tax year following the period on the amended return, or can be requested as a refund (line 41).


Attach an explanation of the changes to your return and, if applicable, required attachments (e.g. 104CR, DR 0204) and certiications (e.g. DR 0074). All attachments and certiications must be included with

the amended return even if there is no change to that credit or tax attribute. Part-year residents and nonresidents attach corrected Form 104PN. If this amended return is the result of an adjustment made by the Internal Revenue Service attach a copy of the federal revenue agent’s report with supporting schedules. To expedite your refund, attach a

copy of the federal record of account to support any changes to federal taxable income (such as a mutual fund, brokerage irm or credit union)

in the United States.

Direct Deposit:

Complete the direct deposit information if you want your refund

deposited directly into your account at a United States bank or other inancial institution.

Foreign Address:

If you are entering an address for a foreign country, use the “State” ield for the foreign country and enter the foreign postal code in the “ZIP Code” ield. A Province may be included in the “City” ield with

the city.

Deceased taxpayer:

If the taxpayer died since the original return was iled and you are

requesting a refund, attach a copy of DR 0102 — Claim for Refund

Due Deceased Taxpayer and a copy of the death certiicate. Check

the deceased box after the decedent’s name.

A federal net operating loss carried back to a tax year beginning on or after January 1, 1987, or carried forward will be allowed for Colorado income tax purposes. A nonresident or a part-year resident may carry back or forward that portion of his federal net operating loss that is from Colorado sources or which relates to the Colorado portion of the year.

statute of limitations:

The statute of limitations for iling a Colorado claim for refund is generally four years from the original due date of the return or three years from the date of last payment of tax for the year involved, whichever is later.

The statute of limitations for claiming a refund that is the result of a loss carry-back or an investment tax credit carry-back is four years from the due date of the return for the year in which the loss or credit originated. See FYI General 18.

Protective claims:

If this amended return is being iled to keep the statute of limitations open pending the outcome of a court case or tax determination in

another state that affects your Colorado return, check the protective claim box under reason for iling corrected return.

Change in iling status:

If the amended return is being iled to change the iling status from single or married separate to joint, the taxpayer that iled the single return must be listed irst on the amended return. If both taxpayers have iled single, then either taxpayer can be listed irst and the explanation must specify that one of the original returns was iled

under a different primary Social Security Number (SSN).

If the amended return is being iled to change the iling status from

joint to single or married separate, the taxpayer whose SSN was

listed irst on the joint return should include all applicable tax data in

their amended return. The taxpayer whose SSN was listed second on the joint return must have an explanation that speciies the original return was iled under a different primary SSN.

interest rates on additional amounts due are as follows:


January 1 through December 31, 2011.


Tax due paid without billing, or paid within 30 days of billing


Tax due paid after 30 days of billing


Mail and make checks payable to:

colorado Department of Revenue Denver cO 80261-0005

FORM 104X (10/26/10)


DENVER CO 80261-0005


2010 FORM 104X


Departmental Use Only

Reason for amended return (check one):








Investment credit carryback from tax year ending _______________________________








Federal net operating loss carryback fromtax year ending_________________________








Federal net capital loss carryback from tax year ending __________________________








Protective claim, attach explanation

Other, attach explanation Changing iling status

Changing residency status







FiRst nAME AnD initiAL



sOciAL sEcuRitY nuMbER









































Spouse, if joint




























Mailing Address





Your telephone number























ZIP Code



1EntER AMOunt from federal Form 1040, line 43; or from federal Form 1040 A, line 27; or from federal


Form 1040 EZ, line 6 (Federal Taxable Income)





Enter the state income tax deduction, if any, from line 5 of Schedule A of your federal Form 1040,



Other additions, explain:



Total of lines 1 through 3






Enter the state income tax refund, if any, you reported on line 10 of your federal Form 1040



United States government interest



Pension-annuity subtraction, taxpayer



Pension-annuity subtraction, spouse



Colorado source capital gain (5 year assets acquired on or after 5/9/94)


10 Tuition program contribution



Qualifying charitable contribution


12 Other subtractions, see instructions and check applicable box: PERA contribution made in 1984–1986;



DPSRS contributions made in 1986; tier I or II railroad beneits; qualiied reservation income;



wildire mitigation measures


13 Total of lines 5 through 12


14 cOLORADO tAXAbLE incOME, line 4 minus line 13
















GO tO tHE tAX tAbLE On PAGEs 22 AnD 23 OF tHE FORM 104 bOOKLEt WitH YOuR tAXAbLE incOME FROM LinE 14 tO FinD YOuR tAX.

FuLL-YEAR REsiDEnts EntER YOuR tAX On LinE 15. PARt-YEAR REsiDEnts AnD nOnREsiDEnts GO tO FORM 104Pn.

stAPLE W-2, W2-G, AnD 1099 FORMs HERE (only if Colorado tax withheld is reported on the form)



15 cOLORADO tAX from the tax table.


Part-year residents and nonresidents enter tax from line 36, Form 104PN


16 Alternative minimum tax from Form 104AMT


17 Recapture of prior year credits


18 Total of lines 15 through 17


19 Total non-refundable credits from line 47, form 104CR (may not exceed total tax on lines 15 and 16)


20 Net Tax, line 18 minus line 19


21 cOLORADO incOME tAX WitHHELD from wages and winnings


22EstiMAtED tAX payments and credits; extension payments; and amounts withheld

on nonresident real estate sales and partnership/S corp/iduciary income


23 Total refundable credits from line 9, Form 104CR


24 Total of lines 21 through 23














25Enter the amount from federal Form 1040, line 37; or from federal Form 1040A,

line 21; or from federal Form 1040EZ, line 4 (Federal Adjusted Gross Income)



if you want the Department of Revenue to compute and mail your refund, or compute your balance due and mail a bill, stop here and leave lines 26 through 41 blank. if you want to compute the refund or balance due yourself, continue with line 26.

26 If line 24 is larger than line 20, enter your overpayment


27 Enter the overpayment from your original return or as previously adjusted


28 If line 20 is larger than line 24, enter the amount owed


29 Enter the amount owed from your original return or as previously adjusted


cOMPutE tHE AMOunt i OWE






30 Line 27 minus line 26, but not less than zero


31 Line 28 minus line 29, but not less than zero


32 Additional tax due, total of lines 30 and 31


33 Interest due on additional tax


34 Penalty due


35 Estimated tax penalty due


36 Payment due with this return, add lines 32 through 35

Paid by EFt 36








The State may convert your check to a one time electronic banking transaction. Your bank account may be debited as early as the same day received by the State. If converted, your check will not

be returned. If your check is rejected due to insuficient or uncollected funds, the Department of Revenue may collect the payment amount directly from your bank account electronically.




37 Line 26 minus line 27, but not less than zero


38 Line 29 minus line 28, but not less than zero


39 Overpayment, total of lines 37 and 38


40 Amount you want credited to your 2011 estimated tax


41 Refund claimed with this return, line 39 minus line 40


Routing number

Type: Checking







Account number

siGn YOuR REtuRn

Under penalties of perjury, I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this return is true, correct and complete.

Your Signature

Spouse’s Signature. If joint return, BOTH must sign.








Year of Birth


Year of Birth







MAiL YOuR REtuRn tO:

Paid Preparer’s Name, Address and Telephone Number






DENVER, CO 80261-0005








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1. It is advisable to complete the Colorado Form 104X properly, thus pay close attention when working with the segments that contain these particular fields:

Colorado Form 104X conclusion process detailed (stage 1)

2. Your next stage is to complete these particular blanks: Pensionannuity subtraction, Pensionannuity subtraction spouse, Colorado source capital gain, Tuition program contribution, Qualifying charitable, PERA contribution made in, DPSRS contributions made in, qualiied reservation income, tier I or II railroad beneits, cOLORADO tAXAbLE incOME line, D n A, G W W E L P A t s, FuLLYEAR REsiDEnts EntER YOuR tAX, incOME tAX PREPAYMEnts AnD cREDits, and Total nonrefundable credits from.

Writing part 2 in Colorado Form 104X

3. Completing G W W E L P A t s, cOLORADO incOME tAX WitHHELD from, on nonresident real estate sales, Total of lines through, w x a t o d a r o o C, f i y n o, m r o f e h t n o d e, t r o p e r s, AMEnDED, and E R E H s M R O F is essential for the next step, make sure to fill them out in their entirety. Don't miss any details!

Writing segment 3 of Colorado Form 104X

4. Completing Enter the amount from federal, line or from federal Form EZ line, if you want the Department of, If line is larger than line, Enter the overpayment from your, If line is larger than line, Enter the amount owed from your, cOMPutE tHE AMOunt i OWE, Line minus line but not less, Line minus line but not less, Additional tax due total of lines, Interest due on additional tax, Penalty due, Estimated tax penalty due, and Payment due with this return add is key in the fourth section - be certain to don't rush and take a close look at every single blank area!

If line  is larger than line, Enter the overpayment from your, and Estimated tax penalty due of Colorado Form 104X

5. This very last stage to complete this document is essential. You'll want to fill in the necessary fields, and this includes be returned If your check is, Line minus line but not less, Line minus line but not less, Overpayment total of lines and, Amount you want credited to your, Refund claimed with this return, Routing number, Account number, Type, Checking, Savings, Under penalties of perjury I, Spouses Signature If joint return, Date, and Year of Birth, before finalizing. Otherwise, it could end up in an unfinished and potentially unacceptable paper!

The right way to fill out Colorado Form 104X step 5

Be really mindful when filling in Line minus line but not less and Under penalties of perjury I, because this is where a lot of people make mistakes.

Step 3: Before finalizing this form, check that all form fields are filled out correctly. Once you are satisfied with it, press “Done." Get hold of your Colorado Form 104X once you sign up for a 7-day free trial. Instantly get access to the form in your FormsPal account, along with any modifications and adjustments conveniently saved! FormsPal provides protected form completion without personal information record-keeping or distributing. Rest assured that your details are secure with us!