Csc Spel Form 1 PDF Details

School is back in session which means one thing for most students- homework. As a college student, I can say that I definitely miss the days of no assignments and not having to worry about completing anything on time. For some high schoolers, however, this is their first experience with homework and they may be feeling overwhelmed. This CSC spel form 1 guide was created to help those students out, by outlining the steps necessary to complete the assignment successfully. Continue reading below to find everything you need to know about this form!

Form NameCsc Spel Form 1
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namescertification of no pending case non conviction of any offense, csc pdf online fill up, certification of no pending administrative charge, csc spel form 1 april 2012

Form Preview Example

(type of eligibility applied for)
(complete address)
(civil status)
(complete name of applicant)

CSC SPEL Form 1, April 2012




This is to certify that I, ___________________________________________,

Filipino citizen, of legal age, ______________________________, and a resident of

_____________________________________________________, have no pending

administrative and/or criminal case before any court/authorized body. I, further, certify that I have never been found guilty/convicted of any administrative offense and/or crime.

I am executing this Certification in support of my application with the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. _________ / Central Office for the grant of

___________________________ Eligibility. I understand that any misrepresentation

as to the truth of the foregoing shall cause the disapproval of my application and/or outright revocation of the eligibility granted without prejudice to the filing of administrative and/or criminal case/s against me.

Done this _______________ day of _____________________, 20________.


Signature over full printed name of applicant

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