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The Dbu Transcript Request Form is a document designed to request an official transcript of your academic records from the Distance Learning University (Dbu). The form can be completed and submitted electronically or through the mail. Reviewing the form in its entirety prior to submission is strongly recommended, as there are specific instructions and tips which will ensure a smooth process. The following provides an overview of what is included on the Dbu Transcript Request Form, Important Notes, and How to Submit the Request.

Below, you can see some details about dbu transcript request form PDF. There, you'll find the information about the document you would like to fill out, including the likely time required to fill it out as well as other data.

Form NameDbu Transcript Request Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields38
Avg. time to fill out7 min 55 sec
Other namesdallas baptist university transcript, dallas baptist univesity transcript request, dbu transcript, dbu transcipts

Form Preview Example

Transcript Request Form

A $5.00 payment per transcript must accompany the request. Transcripts are not released if money is owed to

the university or if you have not completed your exit loan counseling.


Name (Last/First/Middle/Maiden) _____________________________________________________________

Social Security Number/DBU ID Number _______________________________________________________

Student's Signature/Date (REQUIRED) _______________________________________________________

Current Street Address _____________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip Code ________________________________________________________________________

Telephone Numbers (with area codes) _________________________________________________________

Approximate Dates of Attendance ____________________________________________________________

Number of transcripts requested: _____________________________________________________________

Transcript level(s):

Did you receive a degree?:































































































What is your method of payment?:









Check, #______






















If credit/debit, please provide the following:

Credit Card Number: ___________________________

Expiration Date: _______________________________


Amount Received: $________





Not Clear



By ______





Not Clear



By ______











Date Received: _________ Mailed/Pickup: _________

Do you plan to pick up your transcript(s)

in person?










If yes, when?: _______________


If you would like transcript(s) mailed, please indicate to WHOM they are being mailed and the ADDRESS(ES):







Other notices:

Hold until end of semester

Hold for grade change Hold until degree is posted

Registrar’s Office, Dallas Baptist University, 3000 Mountain Creek Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75211; 214.333.5334 (Phone); 214.333.5536 (Fax); Transcripts@dbu.edu (E-Mail)

How to Edit Dbu Transcript Request Form Online for Free

This PDF editor makes it simple to complete the dbu transcript file. It's possible to create the file efficiently through these easy steps.

Step 1: Click the "Get Form Here" button.

Step 2: At the moment, you may modify the dbu transcript. Our multifunctional toolbar allows you to insert, remove, adjust, highlight, and also perform other commands to the content material and areas inside the document.

The following parts are within the PDF template you'll be filling in.

filling in dallas baptist university transcript request step 1

You have to insert the details inside the box Undergraduate, Yes, Yes, in person, If yes, DATE OF PICKUP If you would like, What is your method of payment, Credit/Debit Check, Cash, If credit/debit, Credit Card Number:, and Expiration Date:.

dallas baptist university transcript request Undergraduate, Yes, Yes, in person, If yes, DATE OF PICKUP If you would like, What is your method of payment, Credit/Debit Check, Cash, If credit/debit, Credit Card Number:, and Expiration Date: blanks to insert

It is vital to put down certain information within the box Amount Received: $________, Other notices:, A/R:, Loans:, Not Clear, Not Clear, Clear By ______, Clear By ______, Date Received: _________, Hold until end of semester, Hold for grade change, Hold until degree is posted, and Registrar’s Office.

Completing dallas baptist university transcript request stage 3

Step 3: Select "Done". It's now possible to export the PDF document.

Step 4: Get a duplicate of each single file. It's going to save you time and assist you to stay clear of issues down the road. By the way, the information you have will not be shared or analyzed by us.

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