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The Defra form Aml 2 is a useful tool for business in the United Kingdom. The form can be used to declare any movements of animals and animal products within and outside of the country. The information that is provided on the form can help businesses stay compliant with animal health regulations and ensure that their products are safe. The form is relatively simple to complete, and businesses that use it regularly will find that it helps them stay organised and efficient. TheDefra website has all the information you need to know about completing the form, so be sure to check it out if you need assistance.

Form NameDefra Form Aml 2
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namespig movement license, pig movement licence england, printable pig movement licence, pig licence

Form Preview Example

Report of a Pig Movement made under

the General Licence for the Movement of Pigs

under the Disease Control (England) Order 2003

Please complete using BALL POINT pen and press irmly but before doing so read the important notes overleaf.

Section A – Identiication and traceability. (Please also complete Section C below.)

1.Departure details Departure CPH/ Other ref.

Holding of birth CPH/Other ref.

Assured Scheme No.

Move within a Pig Pyramid

(Tick if appropriate)

(to be completed only if pigs are moving on a temporary mark)

Keeper at






Keeper’s name and full postal address of holding of Departure

Name and full postal address of Owner (if different)







Details of pigs

Number of animals

Description (e.g. boars, sows)

Lot Number

Identiication mark













Total number of animals

If necessary attach a continuation sheet (AML 2A) and tick this box

I declare the above details are correct and the animals are being moved in accordance with the provisions laid down in the licence.



























Name in



Tel. No. (incl.





















BLOCK letters



national dialling code)































Section B – Transporter details

Name, full postal address and Assured Scheme number


Assured Scheme number

Vehicle registration(s)/trailer ID

Date and place vehicle last cleansed Transporter’s Permit no. (where applicable)

Expected Duration of intended journey

Completion by
































































































































































Start time:























Finish time:









Time and place where rest stops undertaken including



Tel. No. (incl. nat. dialling code)






































if the animals were watered and/or fed (if over 8 hours)




































Transporter’s Signature



























































Name in BLOCK letters
















































































Section C – Destination details(1)

Name and full postal address

Completion byKeeper













State type of Market or Collecting


Centre, where appropriate


Dedicated slaughter


















White copy: Local authority of destination premises


within 3 days of move; Pink copy: Destination;

(Rev. 08/10)

Blue copy: Haulier; Yellow copy: Departure






Completion by Destination

Section D – Destination details(2)
































Other Ref.















Yes No















Were pigs received in good condition?

Were any pigs showing signs of distress?

Were the farm groups separate on the vehicle?

Number received








Number DOA


I declare the details in this section are correct.







Name in BLOCK letters







































Tel. No. (incl. nat. dialling code)








































1.This movement document meets the reporting requirements:

of an Animal Transport Certiicate (ATC) as required by Article 14 of the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997 (WATO); and

of the Pigs (Records, Identification and Movement) Order 2007 (PRIMO); and

of the Disease Control (England) Order 2003 (as amended) (DCO).

2.The bold boxes are mandatory ields. However, if you fully complete all the boxes on the form you will not need to complete a separate ATC document. The Holding of birth box needs to be completed only for pigs moving on a temporary mark.

3.We will use all the information submitted to us on this form, including the information provided voluntarily in the boxes not marked bold, for disease control purposes only. This voluntary information will not be kept for WATO enforcement. However, WATO animal transport certiicate rules require transporters: to carry this information (in any format); make it available to an inspector on demand and; keep it for six months after the journey. If a transporter chooses to keep the animal transport certiicate information on an AML2, then the transporter should make the AML2 available to the Inspector and a copy may be taken for enforcement purposes.

4.By completing and signing the relevant sections of this movement document you are stating that you understand the following:

Failure to include the name of the owner of the animals will mean this document does not meet WATO requirements.

5.This document serves as a single movement reporting document. Each stage of a multiple move must be completed on a separate movement reporting document.

6.The three Yes/No questions in Section D should only be completed if the move involves premises which are part of a farm assured scheme.


The Data Protection Statement may be found at:

AML 2 (Rev. 08/10)

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Ways to complete pig movement step 2

A lot of people often make mistakes while completing Loading in this area. Make sure you revise everything you type in right here.

3. This next portion is all about r e p e e K y b n o i t e p m o C, g n d o H e r u t r a p e D t a, Postcode, State type of Market or Collecting, Dedicated slaughter, Other, AML Rev, White copy Local authority of, Were pigs received in good, Were any pigs showing signs of, Were the farm groups separate on, Number received, Number DOA, I declare the details in this, and Name in BLOCK letters - type in every one of these empty form fields.

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