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When military personnel receive orders for a new assignment, especially one that involves moving to a different country or a significantly distant location within the United States, the coordination and authorization of dependents (spouse, children, or other eligible family members) to accompany the servicemember become crucial. The process is facilitated by the Dependent Entry Approval form, a comprehensive document designed to streamline the approval and logistical arrangements necessary for family members to relocate with the servicemember. This worksheet encompasses detailed information ranging from personal identification and relationship to the servicemember, previous and future duty stations, housing preferences, and specific needs related to health or education that might affect the assignment location. It even delves into the details of separation periods due to deployment or training, highlighting the form’s role in ensuring that the unique circumstances of each family are considered. Additionally, it addresses logistical components such as passport and visa arrangements, showcasing the thoroughness required to prepare for a military move. The essence of this form lies not just in procedural necessity but in its function as a critical step in securing the well-being of military families during the often stressful times of transition.

Form NameDependent Entry Approval Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesnavy dependent entry approval, dependent entry approval, dependent entry approval worksheet, dependent entry approval message format

Form Preview Example


A. Rank/rate/civilian rating: ________________________________________________________________________

If E-4, state date of rank: ____________________________

B. Complete last name, first name, and middle initial: ___________________________________________________

C. Date of marriage: ______________________

Names of family member(s): __________________________________________________________________

Relation to service member: __________________________________________________________________

Dates of birth for children and grades for current/next fiscal year: ________________________________

(i.e. 3rd grade for 2009/2010 school year). For dependent parents, brothers, or sisters enter date of letter from Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) approving dependency.

D. Nationality of sponsor and family member(s): ______________________________________________________

Enter current citizenship of sponsor and family member(s). (Note: family members that hold foreign passports will require more coordination with PSD, NAVPTO, applicable foreign Embassy's or Consulates)

E. Origin duty station: _____________________________________________________________________________

Enter geographical location of present duty station. In the case of Ships, include the homeport.

F. Address of family member(s): ___________________________________________________________________

Enter telephone number and current mailing address, including ZIP Code and country where family member(s) are now located.

G. Date departed continental United States (CONUS): _________________________________________________

If serving on overseas duty, enter date member departed CONUS for present duty. If second or consecutive overseas tour, indicate whether voluntary or involuntary. (If not applicable indicate "N/A.")

H. Months separated from family member(s): ________________________________________________________

Note: Applies only to personnel assigned to a command or unit that is physically separated from homeport for operational or training purposes. Deployment does not include shipyard time away from homeport if change of homeport was authorized.

1.Serving in a fleet unit and deployed for 6 or more consecutive months during the previous 12 months, or for 3 or more consecutive months during the previous 6 months, enter the number of months separated from family by deployment during past year. If not deployed per the above criteria enter "N/A."

2.Serving an unaccompanied overseas tour where dependents are authorized. Enter number of months separated

from family if dependent(s) were denied entry approval because of lack of required medical facilities. If entry approval not denied for this reason, enter “NA”.

3.Serving an accompanied overseas tour, enter number of months separated from family because of delayed granting of family entry approval due to non-availability reasons. If family entry approval was not delayed, enter "N/A."

4.Serving an unaccompanied overseas tour where family member(s) are not authorized, enter the number of months separated from family. If not applicable, enter "N/A."

5.Serving an Augmentation billet to support GWOT, enter number of months.

I.Transfer directive authority: _______________________________________________________________________

Enter Date-Time-Group, Transfer Code (TC) number and authority.

J.Detachment date: ________________________________________________________________________________

Enter date member will detach current permanent duty station.

1.If dependents will travel at a later date include this date and reason for separate travel.

K.Ultimate duty station: ____________________________________________________________________________

In the case of ships, include the homeport.

L. Estimated date of arrival at new duty station: _______________________________________________________

Best estimate as to when the member will arrive.

M. Housing preference:

Indicate preference for civilian or government housing: _________________________________________

Indicate acceptability of civilian housing until government housing becomes available and limit of rental payment authorized: ________________________________________________________________________

State whether member desires sponsor and whether the sponsor is or is not authorized to act as agent for civilian rental housing: ___________________________________________________________________

N. Passports: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Advise status of appropriate passports, if completed provide passport numbers and visa requirements and state status of any other requirements IAW Foreign Clearance Guide.

O. Expiration of active obligated service (EAOS) of member or obligated service date of Naval Reserve:


NOTE: If member must extend for obligated service, member must actually sign an extension. NAVPERS 1070/613, Administrative Remarks entry in the enlisted member's service record is not acceptable for travel overseas.

P. Certification of suitability, is it complete? __________________________________________________________

Dependent Entry Approval Request does not suffice for reporting overseas screening IAW MILPERSMAN 1300-304. Q. Remarks: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Enter other appropriate information such as "spouse is an accredited teacher," etc. List known ICD9 codes for medical ailments or physical disabilities of family member(s) and any family member(s) who display a physical, emotional or intellectual handicap requiring medically related services. Include family member(s) who are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member (EFM) Program, and family member(s) who require special education in DODD schools outside the United States. Pregnancy should also be listed.

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1. It's very important to fill out the dependent entry approval japan correctly, thus be careful when working with the parts containing these blank fields:

Step # 1 of completing entry approval form

2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - Enter geographical location of, Enter telephone number and current, If serving on overseas duty enter, A Rankratecivilian rating B, Note Applies only to personnel, Serving an accompanied overseas, and Serving an unaccompanied overseas with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

Writing segment 2 in entry approval form

3. Completing A Rankratecivilian rating B, Serving an Augmentation billet to, Enter DateTimeGroup Transfer Code, Enter date member will detach, and In the case of ships include the is essential for the next step, make sure to fill them out in their entirety. Don't miss any details!

Tips to prepare entry approval form part 3

Many people often get some points wrong while filling out Enter DateTimeGroup Transfer Code in this part. You need to re-examine what you enter right here.

4. This next section requires some additional information. Ensure you complete all the necessary fields - Best estimate as to when the, Indicate preference for civilian, Indicate acceptability of civilian, Advise status of appropriate, State whether member desires, L Estimated date of arrival at new, and NOTE If member must extend for - to proceed further in your process!

Advise status of appropriate, NOTE If member must extend for, and Best estimate as to when the in entry approval form

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