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A deposit refund form is a document used to request the return of a security deposit from a landlord or property management company. The form typically includes the tenant's name, address, and the amount of the security deposit that is being requested. The tenant must also provide an explanation for why they are requesting the return of the security deposit and any accompanying documentation. If you are a tenant and need to submit a deposit refund form, here's what you need to know.

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Form NameDeposit Refund Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields32
Avg. time to fill out6 min 43 sec
Other namessecurity refund form pdf, deposit refund statement, form refund deposit security, deposit refund form

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When a handshake isn’t enough

Date: _________________________________________

Tenant: ________________________________________________________________________________

Landlord: ______________________________________________________________________________

Rental Property Address: __________________________________________________________________

The following represents an itemized list of deductions from the security deposit of $ ____________________

as set forth on the lease agreement signed by the Tenant and Landlord on ___________________________ .

Less _______________________________________________________________________ $ __________

Less _______________________________________________________________________ $ __________

Less _______________________________________________________________________ $ __________

Less _______________________________________________________________________ $ __________

Less _______________________________________________________________________ $ __________

Less _______________________________________________________________________ $ __________

Less _______________________________________________________________________ $ __________

Less _______________________________________________________________________ $ __________


AMOUNT HELD AS SECURITY DEPOSIT $ ________________________________

The amount of security deposit held in excess of one month’s rent earns interest at a rate of ___ % per annum.

This lease agreement

did exceed

did not exceed one month’s rent. Amount of interest paid to

Tenant $ _______________________________________________________________________________

THE FOLLOWING AMOUNT IS DUE THE TENANT $ __________________________________

THE FOLLOWING AMOUNT IS DUE THE LANDLORD $ _______________________________

If funds are due the Tenant, a check is enclosed. If funds are due the Landlord, please remit payment within the next 10 days or court proceedings will be taken. Please send your payment to:






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security refund deposit form blanks to complete

Fill in the Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, Less, TOTAL AMOUNT OF DEDUCTIONS FROM, AMOUNT HELD AS SECURITY DEPOSIT $, The amount of security deposit, This lease agreement Tenant $, did not exceed one month’s rent, and did exceed field with the particulars demanded by the software.

Filling out security refund deposit form stage 2

You can be expected to write down the particulars to help the system fill in the field This lease agreement Tenant $, did not exceed one month’s rent, did exceed, THE FOLLOWING AMOUNT IS DUE THE, THE FOLLOWING AMOUNT IS DUE THE, If funds are due the Tenant, and FORM PROVIDED BY SCREENING.

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