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Are you looking for an easy way to donate to your favorite charity? Then look no further than the donated a dollar form. This simple form makes it easy for you to donate a dollar to your chosen charity. Plus, by using this form, you can help support the work of our organization. So why not use the donated a dollar form today? It's a great way to make a difference.

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Form NameDonated A Dollar Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields28
Avg. time to fill out6 min 6 sec
Other namesdonation sheets, dollar fundraiser form, fundraiser sheets form sample, dollar fundraiser sheets

Form Preview Example

Can You Spare a Dollar?

The (Name of Your Group Here) is having a dollar fundraiser.

We need your help to (reason for the fundraiser).

Would you please help and sign any line for a dollar?

1.I will start you off. ______________________________________________

2.I’m happy to give you a dollar. ____________________________________

3.A dollar won’t break me. ________________________________________

4.A dollar is not very much. ________________________________________

5.I just can’t say no. ______________________________________________

6.Well since it’s you. _____________________________________________

7.What’s a dollar between friends? ___________________________________

8.I’ll gladly give you a dollar! _______________________________________

9.My dollar is for a good cause. _____________________________________

10.My dollar helps reach the goal. ___________________________________

11.I wish I could give more. ________________________________________

12.What’s one less in my wallet? ____________________________________

13.Count on me for a dollar! _______________________________________

14.Sure, I’ll give you a dollar! ______________________________________

15.I’m always glad to help. ________________________________________

16.I can’t say no to a friend. _______________________________________

17.A dollar from me to you! _______________________________________

18.Don’t leave me out! ___________________________________________

19.I can’t spend more than $1.00. ___________________________________

20.I borrowed this for a good cause! ________________________________

21.One more for you! ___________________________________________

22.Will $1.00 help? ______________________________________________

23.I'm happy to give a buck! _______________________________________

24.Add this to your pile! __________________________________________

25.Congratulations, you’re #25! _____________________________________

Thank you for your support!

NAME: _____________________________________________

Money is due: ________________________________________

Please turn in to: ______________________________________

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This PDF editor was designed to be as easy as it can be. While you stick to the following steps, the procedure for completing the can you spare a dollar sheet file will be trouble-free.

Step 1: To start out, select the orange button "Get Form Now".

Step 2: After you have accessed the editing page can you spare a dollar sheet, you should be able to notice all the options available for the document in the top menu.

The PDF form you plan to complete will consist of the following segments:

filling in dollar donation sheets part 1

In the Count, on, me, for, a, dollar Sure, Ill, give, you, a, dollar Im, always, glad, to, help I, cant, say, no, to, a, friend A, dollar, from, me, to, you Dont, leave, me, out I, cant, spend, more, than I, borrowed, this, for, a, good, cause and One, more, for, you field, write down your details.

part 2 to finishing dollar donation sheets

You will have to include specific details inside the box Will, help Im, happy, to, give, a, buck Add, this, to, your, pile Congratulations, you, re Thankyou, for, your, support NAME, Money, is, due and Please, turn, into

Completing dollar donation sheets stage 3

Step 3: If you are done, select the "Done" button to transfer the PDF document.

Step 4: It will be better to keep duplicates of your form. You can rest assured that we will not display or read your details.

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