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An Eps clearance letter is a document that is used to verify information about an employee's exit from a company. The letter provides key details such as the employee's termination date, position, and reason for leaving. If you are looking to provide an Eps clearance letter for one of your employees, you can use the sample form provided in this post. By using the form, you can ensure that all the necessary information is included in the letter. Additionally, having a standardised form can help to speed up the process of issuing clearance letters.

Form NameEps Clearance Letter Sample Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namessurgical clearance letter template, surgical clearance template, pre op clearance letter, clearance for surgery letter

Form Preview Example

EPS Surgical Medical Clearance Form

Medical clearance is needed from your primary care physician before your

date of surgery.

Your primary care physician should complete the attached form.

Please print a copy and take to your primary care physicians office for them to complete. We ask that you assist us in ensuring your primary care physician completes this form in a timely manner. If you are unable to take to their office, please direct them to our website at www.atlantaeye.com, and click on Surgical Patient Forms.

Upon completion of the form, please fax to:

Attention: VIP Services

Fax # (404) 294-3353

Alternate Fax # (404) 294-9361

If you have any questions, please contact us via phone at (404) 292-2500.


Pre-op Evaluation

1457 Scott Blvd Decatur, GA 30030 Phone: 404-292-2500 Fax: 404-267-6709

Charles W. McDowell, Jr, MD

Peter A. Gordon, MD

Paul McManus, MD

John Thomas, MD

Laura Bealer, MD

Indira Menon, MD

Ajeet Dhingra, MD

Christina Weeks, MD

TO DR. __________________________ Voice # _______________ Fax # ________________

__________________________ Voice # _______________ Fax # ________________

This patient is scheduled for eye surgery in the near future. Should you choose to see this patient in your office to provide surgical clearance, please ask your office personnel to contact the patient directly. Please fax your evaluation and any supporting documentation as soon as completed.

Thank you! Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

PATIENT’S NAME____________________________________________________________________

PATIENT’S PHONE (HOME) ___________________ (CELL)_________________________________


BIRTHDATE_________________________________PRE-OP DATE___________________________

DIAGNOSIS_________________________________SURGERY DATE_________________________

PROPOSED SURGERY___________________________________ANESTHESIA___________________________


Significant past medical history:

List of previous operations:







Current Medications with Dosages:

Drug & Food Allergies:
















Is this patient cleared to have surgery? ________________________________________________________________

Date:_______________________ Signed:________________________________________________________, M.D.

Preop eval02/2/11

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surgery clearance letter template conclusion process described (portion 1)

2. Once the last part is finished, it's time to insert the required specifics in EYE PHYSICIANS SURGEONS PC Scott, Preop Evaluation, Charles W McDowell Jr MD Peter A, Preop Evaluation, TO DR Voice Fax, Voice Fax, This patient is scheduled for eye, and PATIENTS NAME PATIENTS PHONE HOME so you can move on further.

Step no. 2 of submitting surgery clearance letter template

3. This third section is quite uncomplicated, List of previous operations, PATIENTS NAME PATIENTS PHONE HOME, and Drug Food Allergies - these form fields needs to be filled out here.

How one can fill in surgery clearance letter template portion 3

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