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When you inherit an estate, it is important to be aware of the tax implications. There are many steps you need to take in order to ensure that the transfer of assets goes smoothly. By working with a professional accountant, you can make sure that everything is handled correctly and that you are taking all of the necessary steps to avoid any penalties from the IRS. Estate acceptance is one of the most important aspects of inheriting an estate, and it is vital to understand what this process entails. By knowing what to expect, you can make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

This article includes specifics of estate acceptance. You can go through it before completing the gaps.

Form NameEstate Acceptance
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namesoffer and acceptance contract arkansas, real estate acceptance offer form, estate acceptance real form, simple offer and acceptance form

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Dated ____________________










The undersigned buyer(s),




hereby makes

an offer to purchase from seller(s),







Real Property situated in the County of


State of


including all improvements thereon, and legally described as follows:

together with the personal property described below in Paragraph 13, if any.


FIRST: The buyer(s) herewith makes an earnest money deposit with the seller(s) in the

amount ofDOLLARS ($ ),

properly evidenced by (check applicable block) [ ] cash, [ ] a money order, [ ] a personal check, [ ] a cashier's check), to be applied toward the full purchase price of






), which, including

the earnest money deposit, shall be paid as follows:




by the above earnest money deposit;




at the close of escrow;














SECOND: That the buyer(s) will take title to the above described property as


THIRD: It is hereby agreed that in the event said purchaser(s) fails to pay the balance of said purchase price, or otherwise fails to complete said purchase as herein provided, the seller(s) may either demand specific performance of this contract in the manner provided by law, or cancel this contract in the manner provided by law and retain the amount paid herein as liquidated and agreed damages.

FOURTH: Title to the premises shall be conveyed by Deed, subject to the conditions of this contract, and seller(s) shall furnish buyer(s), at buyer's(s') expense, a Standard Owner's Title Insurance Policy showing good and marketable title.

FIFTH: The purchaser(s) and seller(s) agree that if the title to the above property be defective, seller(s) or his (her)(their) agent, will be given 60 days from the date of this


contract to perfect the same. If said title cannot be perfected within said time limit, the earnest money deposit herein receipted shall, upon the demand of the purchaser(s), be returned to the purchaser(s) and this contract cancelled. Purchaser(s) may, however, elect to accept title to said premises subject to any defects which are not so cured.

SIXTH: It is understood and agreed that the buyer(s) is(are) of legal age and that said

property has been inspected by the buyer(s) or the buyer's(s') duly authorized agent: that the same is, and has been, purchased by the buyer(s) as the result of said inspection and not upon any representation made by the seller(s), or any selling agent, or any agent for the seller(s), and the buyer(s) hereby expressly waives any and all claims for damages occasioned by any representation made by any person whomsoever other than as contained in this agreement, and the seller(s) or his(her)(their) agent shall not be responsible or liable for any inducement, promise, representation, agreement, condition or stipulation not specifically set forth herein.

SEVENTH: This contract shall become binding only when executed by the purchaser(s) and by the seller(s), and shall be in force and effect from that date of such execution.

EIGHTH: Time is declared to be the essence of this contract.

NINTH: Upon the seller's(s') acceptance of this contract, the earnest money deposit shall be deposited with an Escrow Agent simultaneously with the execution of the Escrow Instructions to fulfill the terms of this contract. The execution of the Escrow Instructions shall not exceed a period of 10 days from the date of acceptance by the parties. Said Escrow Instructions shall not conflict with the terms and conditions hereof, and shall be prepared upon said Escrow Agent's ordinary form.

TENTH: The seller(s) agrees to deliver, or cause to be delivered to Escrow Agent, all instruments necessary and required to carry out and complete the terms of this contract.

ELEVENTH: The proration of Taxes, Insurance, Rents, Assessments, etc. shall be at the close of Escrow, unless otherwise agreed upon as follows:

TWELFTH: Closing of Escrow shall be on or before


, 20

,subject to any extensions set forth in the Escrow Instructions and the cancellation provisions thereof, with possession of the premises to be delivered to

buyer(s) on or before


, 20



THIRTEENTH: The following personal property is included with the premises

FOURTEENTH: The seller(s) acceptance of this contract must be made on or before

,20 , otherwise the buyer's(s') offer is withdrawn and

voided, unless the buyer(s) agrees in writing to extend such acceptance date.



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the buyer(s) executes this Contractual Offer to purchase the above described property on the terms and conditions herein stated, and acknowledges receipt of a copy of this contract and the attached addendum, if any.






















(When Not Using a Broker)

The undersigned seller(s) accepts the offer of the above named buyer(s) to purchase the premises herein described and agrees to sell the same to said buyer(s) upon the aforesaid terms and conditions.





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offer and acceptance contract arkansas empty fields to fill out

You need to enter the crucial details in the at the close of escrow, SECOND That the buyers will take, THIRD It is hereby agreed that in, FOURTH Title to the premises shall, and FIFTH The purchasers and sellers field.

offer and acceptance contract arkansas at the close of escrow, SECOND That the buyers will take, THIRD It is hereby agreed that in, FOURTH Title to the premises shall, and FIFTH The purchasers and sellers blanks to fill out

Jot down all data you may need inside the area ELEVENTH The proration of Taxes, TWELFTH Closing of Escrow shall be, subject to any extensions set, THIRTEENTH The following personal, FOURTEENTH The sellers acceptance, otherwise the buyerss offer is, voided unless the buyers agrees in, and Get YOUR FREE COURSE NOW.

Completing offer and acceptance contract arkansas step 3

The FIFTEENTH Other, IN WITNESS WHEREOF the buyers, Buyer, Address, Buyer, Address, CityStateZip, CityStateZip, ACCEPTANCE When Not Using a Broker, and The undersigned sellers accepts section is the place where either side can put their rights and responsibilities.

stage 4 to completing offer and acceptance contract arkansas

Finish by checking the following fields and typing in the pertinent details: The undersigned sellers accepts, Seller, Address, CityStateZip, and Get YOUR FREE COURSE NOW.

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