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Etisalat is the leading telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirates and offers a wide range of voice and data services to both individuals and businesses. Etisalat requires all customers to register their details, including name, ID number, and contact information, when purchasing a new sim card or updating their account information. This article explains how to complete the Etisalat Sim Card Registration Form. If you are an Etisalat customer in the UAE, it is important that you register your details with the company. This article explains how to complete the Etisalat Sim Card Registration Form. You will need to provide your name, ID number, and contact information when filling out this form. Etisalat offers a wide range of voice and data services to both individuals and businesses in the UAE, so it is important that all customers register their details with the company. Failure to do so may result in service interruptions or deactivation of your account. If you have a

Form NameEtisalat Sim Card Registration Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
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Form Preview Example

application for

existing customers

Welcome to Etisalat.

Complete this form if you wish to make changes to your existing account.

Customer Name:

Phone Number:



Type of line:


Mobile phone

1. Value-added services (mobile)

1.1 Messaging services

Provide Disconnect




Al Mersal Executive Voicemail


Push to Talk

Mobile Mail

Etisalat Messenger

1.2 3G services






















SIM application services









SIM card replacement


GSM Postpaid to MyPlan






Wasel to MyPlan

Upgrade/downgrade within MyPlan







For MyPlan new/existing customers



2. Value-added services landline


STAR Package

Provide Disconnect


(Call Waiting + Add-On Conference




+ Call Forwarding Unconditional)








Advanced STAR Package




(Call Waiting, Call Forwarding,




Unconditional + No Reply + On Busy),



Add-On Three Party Conference, CLIP Service and Code Control Barring National and International (0+00) or International (00)

2.3 Al Mersal Voicemail Service

2.4 Caller/CLIP Service

2.5 Bar only outgoing International calls (00)

Provide a password

2.6 Bar all outgoing calls –

Provide Disconnect


National and International (0+00)


Provide a password





3.Other services (landline and mobile phone)










Plan selected

With device






Basic - Local





Basic – International




If device selected:









•฀Business 24/7**

Provide Disconnect






1.5 SMS add on

100 SMS

250 SMS

500 SMS

1000 SMS






IDD add on





30 IDD minutes

60 IDD minutes

120 IDD minutes






Data upgrade




* Subject to a fair usage of 2GB

1.6 Control Access service

Provided Password

Provided Password

Bar all incoming calls while roaming outside the UAE Provided Password

1.7 Roaming

Provide Disconnect

International roaming (postpaid)




1.8 Other (please specify)





*Not valid for MyPlan or MyBusinessPlan customers ** Business customers only


Postpaid number

Prepaid numbers


























































Change the number to:













Disconnect the line permanently


From (dd/mm/yy):


To (dd/mm/yy):









Re-provide service





On (dd/mm/yy):


Contact No.:









Change of address





P.O. Box:



Etisalat Calling Card

Provide name to appear on the Calling Card (maximum 20 characters)


Change No. announcement

New No.:formonths Other:

4. Request for refund or credit

I have deposited the amount of AED


Kindly arrange to refund the amount by:


Crediting my bank account

Bank account number:

Account name:



Credit amount to my phone number

Contact No.:






































Account 1








Account 2












6. Transfer subscribership

I have no objection to transfer the service to:

I agree to be bound by the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation conditions of telecommunications services.

New customer’s signature:

If transferee has an existing account with Etisalat, please give details:

If transferee DOES NOT have an existing account with Etisalat, personal details of the beneficiary are requested.

Name of the new company/applicant:


P.O. Box:



Passport No.:


Contact No.:

7. Equipment for ISDN line

Request for an additional socket



Multiple subscriber number to be provided (maximum-7)

8. Shifting

Internal External

Same location


New location w.e.f.:


Building name:

Flat/Floor No.:

Date required (dd/mm/yy):

Date of disconnection (dd/mm/yy):

Contact No.:

9. Your authorisation

I/We have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.



Company stamp (if required)





For our use only (only for external shifting)


Sector No.:

National number exchange:

Plot No.:

DP No.:

Service order No.:

New telephone No.:


S/O No.:

Tel No.:




Customer reference No.:

Service No.:

Tel No.:




How to Edit Etisalat Sim Card Registration Form Online for Free

In case you need to fill out transfer of sim card ownership etisalat form, you won't need to install any sort of applications - simply try our PDF tool. To make our tool better and less complicated to utilize, we constantly develop new features, with our users' suggestions in mind. With a few simple steps, it is possible to start your PDF journey:

Step 1: Simply press the "Get Form Button" in the top section of this site to see our form editor. There you will find everything that is necessary to work with your document.

Step 2: Using our advanced PDF tool, you'll be able to do more than just fill out blank form fields. Express yourself and make your documents seem sublime with custom textual content incorporated, or modify the original content to excellence - all backed up by an ability to insert your own images and sign the file off.

This PDF form will involve some specific information; in order to ensure accuracy and reliability, remember to take heed of the recommendations below:

1. While completing the transfer of sim card ownership etisalat form, make sure to include all of the necessary blank fields in their relevant section. It will help hasten the work, making it possible for your details to be processed efficiently and accurately.

how to transfer etisalat sim card ownership completion process clarified (portion 1)

2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - Personal, Business, Plan selected With device, MyPlan, Basic Local Basic International, Extra, Ultra If device selected, MakeModel, IMEI, SMS add on, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS, and IDD add on with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

Filling in segment 2 of how to transfer etisalat sim card ownership

3. Completing Bar all incoming calls while, Provided Password, International roaming postpaid, Other please specify, Etisalat Calling Card, Provide Disconnect, Provide name to appear on the, Replacement, Change No announcement New No Other, for, and months is essential for the next step, make sure to fill them out in their entirety. Don't miss any details!

Stage no. 3 in submitting how to transfer etisalat sim card ownership

As to Replacement and Other please specify, ensure that you get them right in this current part. Those two could be the most important ones in this file.

4. Your next section will require your information in the subsequent places: Request for refund or credit I, For, Kindly arrange to refund the, Cheque Crediting my bank account, Account name, Bank, Branch, City, Credit amount to my phone number, Contact No, Language, Arabic, English, Format, and eBill. Just remember to give all requested details to go onward.

Ways to complete how to transfer etisalat sim card ownership step 4

5. The final point to conclude this form is critical. Make certain you fill in the appropriate fields, for instance AddressEmail, Transfer subscribership, Street, Building name, FlatFloor No, I have no objection to transfer, Date required ddmmyy, I agree to be bound by the, Date of disconnection ddmmyy, Contact No, New customers signature, If transferee has an existing, Your authorisation IWe have read, If transferee DOES NOT have an, and Signature, prior to submitting. Or else, it can lead to an unfinished and possibly nonvalid document!

How you can complete how to transfer etisalat sim card ownership stage 5

Step 3: Prior to moving on, it's a good idea to ensure that blanks have been filled out right. As soon as you confirm that it is correct, click “Done." Right after creating afree trial account here, you'll be able to download transfer of sim card ownership etisalat form or send it via email at once. The PDF file will also be readily accessible in your personal account with your edits. FormsPal ensures your information confidentiality by having a protected method that in no way records or distributes any sensitive information involved in the process. Be assured knowing your files are kept confidential any time you use our service!