Eviction Complaint Franklin County Ohio Details

The eviction complaint Franklin County form is a document used to start the eviction process in the county of Franklin, Virginia. The form can be filed by either the tenant or landlord and must include important information about the parties involved in the dispute, as well as a description of the property in question. The eviction complaint form can be downloaded from the county website or filled out online. Filing fees may apply.

The table offers information regarding the eviction complaint franklin county. This figure can provide specifics of the form's size, finalization time, and the blanks you may be expected to fill.

Form NameEviction Complaint Franklin County
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields19
Avg. time to fill out4 min 18 sec
Other namesoh complaint eviction, cdc eviction moratorium form, ohio county forcible detainer, eviction complaint form ohio

Form Preview Example


In the Franklin County Municipal Court

Plaintiff’s name

Case No.____________

Plaintiff’s address




Defendant’s name


Defendant’s address


Complaint for Eviction (Forcible Entry and Detainer)


1.Plaintiff is the landlord of the premises where Defendant(s)/ Tenant(s) are living. The address is ___________________________________________________________________________.

2.Defendant(s) had the following type of tenancy with Plaintiff:_________________________. (oral, written, or such other terms as may be appropriate).

3.Defendant(s) violated the terms of the tenancy in this way:

4.Plaintiff served the Defendant(s) with a written notice to leave the premises on the date of

___________________________. A copy of the notice is attached to this complaint.

5.In the notice, Defendant(s) were told to leave the premises by the date of______________.

6.Defendant(s) did not leave the premises on the date stated above.


1.Plaintiff reiterates and reaffirms all of the allegations in the first claim.

2.Defendant(s) owe rent in the amount of $____________________.

3.Defendant(s) owe for damage to the property in the amount of $____________________.

4.Defendant(s) owe for utilities in the amount of $__________________________.


1. Restitution and recovery of said premises.

2.Judgment for back rent, damages, late charges, and utilities in the amount of $_______________and costs and interest.











How to Edit Eviction Complaint Franklin County

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franklin county complaint spaces to fill in

Type in the necessary information in the area SECOND CLAIM.

step 2 to completing franklin county complaint

Determine the essential data in the WHEREFORE box.

franklin county complaint WHEREFORE blanks to complete

The field should be where you insert all sides' rights and responsibilities.

franklin county complaint  blanks to insert

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