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A new Fairfax interpreter request form is now available for residents who need language assistance. The form can be used to request an interpreter for a city event or to help with communication between City staff and the public. The form is available in English and all other languages spoken by more than 10 percent of the City's population. The interpreter request form can be found on the City's website at www.fairfaxva.gov/interpreterrequestform.aspx, or residents can call 703-385-7810 for more information. Staff will respond to requests as soon as possible, depending on availability of interpreters.

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Form NameFairfax Interpreter Request Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields26
Avg. time to fill out5 min 31 sec
Other namesCued, Applicant, ASL, Requester

Form Preview Example

Interpreter Request Form

Today's Date 07/08/2021

Requester Information (Principal or Program Manager)




Phone Number

Fax Number

Alternate Contact


Phone Number

Other Information

Fairfax County Public Schools

Office of Equity and Compliance

8115CityGATEHOUSESquare BuildingROAD


PHONE: 571-423-3050

Suite 400

FAX: 571-423-3057

Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone: 703-750-8480

Fax: 703-278-4728

TTY: 703-914-8115



Information for Person Needing Service


Employee ID No.


Office Hours

Email Address

Fax Number

Communication Preference

Interpreter Preference if


Service Information


Date Needed













Start Time


End Time









Onsite Contact
















Onsite Phone Number/s















Parking Directions

Any employee needing a sign language interpreter for a Fairfax County Public Schools meeting or event must have their principal or program manager submit this request form at least seven working days prior to the event.

Any applicant needing interpreter services should ask the Office of Employment Services to submit this form.

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You should note the necessary data in the Communication Preference, Interpreter Preference if Available, Location, End Time, Alternate Contact Name, Phone Number, Other Information, Service Information, Description, Date Needed, and Start Time area.

Filling out Applicant part 2

The program will demand for additional info in order to automatically prepare the section Onsite Contact, Onsite Phone Number, s Parking Directions, Any employee needing a sign, and Any applicant needing interpreter.

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