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Families are increasingly busy. Juggling work, school, and day-to-day obligations can be overwhelming. That's why chore charts are a great way to keep everyone organized and on task. A family chore chart template can help you get started on creating a system that works for your family. There are many different ways to create a chore chart, so find one that best suits your needs.

You'll discover details about the type of form you would like to fill out in the table. It can show you how much time it takes to finish family chore chart template, exactly what parts you will have to fill in and several additional specific facts.

Form NameFamily Chore Chart Template
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other nameschore chart generator, online chore chart maker, customizable downloadable chore chart template, printable customizable chore chart template

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Quick Tips to Help

Your Tween

Save Money!

1 If your tween has spending money, have him write a list of the things he’d like to purchase. Prioritize the list and discuss the choices, even research the lowest prices.

2 Help your tween earn extra money by suggesting he start a paper route or a dog-walking service.

3 Set up an automatic savings plan for college or other expenses for your child. Putting away $5 a week over 18 years is $4680 — even more with interest earned if the money is in a bank account.

4 Have your tween wait at least

48 hours before buying an impulse purchase. If he still wants to buy the video game or CD a couple of days or a week later, you can be confident about it too.

It’s Pay Day!

The Chore Chart

If you have an allowance system in place or if you’re considering it for your child, set up a chore chart and check off when your child completes his chores. Make sure he’s earning the money he

receives. Include a few extras on the chart. Perhaps he gets an extra fifty cents for shoveling snow or raking leaves.

Allowance Day

If your child earns an allowance consider setting up a regular pay day. Maybe you’ll choose to give out your child’s allowance everyWednesday, or maybe on your own pay day at work. Suggest your tween make a budget or a spending or savings plan based on that regular pay day.

Planning to Save and Spend

Use a calendar to plan for monthly spending and saving. Make a place on the calendar for his or her goals for the month.This is also where your tween can put wish list items.Wish list items are things for which he does not have the money, such as a new computer game or guitar lessons.The list acts as a resource for possible gifts — or gives you ideas for a special treats.

Enlist Someone Cool

Parents,guardiansandgrandparentsknowthattothetweenintheirlife,adults arenotcool.It’shardtoteachyour9-to12-year-oldchildsomethingandhaveit stick;however,parentadvocacygroupsdostressthattalkingtoyourchildren willhelpthemmakebetterdecisions.Muchliketalkingtoyourchildrenabout notsmokinghelpsthemavoidabadhabit,talkingtoyourchildrenaboutsmart moneymanagementwillhelpthemmakegoodfinancialchoicesdowntheroad.

If all of your talking about the importance ofsavingandplanningforthefuturedoesn’t seemtobesinkinginwithyourtween spender,enlistsomeoneheorshethinksis cool.Maybeit’syourdaughter’sbabysitter, alifeguardatthepool,oryourson’ssoccer coach.Asksomeonewithwhomyourchild hasaconnection.

Encouragethatspecialpersoninyour child’slifetodiscussafewbasicmessages aboutsavingandbudgeting.Perhapsyour daughter’sbabysitterwillshareherstoryof savingforherschooltrip.Yourson’ssoccer coachmighthaveagreatstoryabouthowhe

madeextramoneydoingneighbors’chores.Thelifeguardatthepoolmightbe abletoshareacautionarystoryabouthowsheblewlastyear’ssummerwages onatriptothebeach,whenhewassupposedtousehissavingsforadown paymentonacar.WhetherthetalesarebasedonwhattodoorwhatNOTto do,theywillbeinstructive.

Check Out These Books!

Visit your local library or bookstore …

Earning Money: How

Economics Works

By Patricia J. Murphy

This book details how to earn money, either by

requesting an allowance or starting a kid-run small business. The author also discusses how to keep track of your earnings, how to budget and set goals.

Money Sense for Kids

By Hollis Page Harman

This book introduces different types of U.S. currency, an explanation of the complicated path

that money takes from the mint to banks to the consumer, how to earn money and how to make it grow by investing in stocks and bonds. Clear, easy-to-follow exercises are provided.

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(Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Public Broadcasting Service)

Yet another site developed specifically for tweens, Don’t Buy It: Get Media Smart is a media literacy Web site for young people that encourages users to think critically about media and become smart consumers. Activities on the site are designed to provide users with some of the skills and knowledge needed to question, analyze, interpret and evaluate media messages. (Maryland Public Television)

This Web site especially for tweens follows six middle school students as they experience first-hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition and athletic performance.

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