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The 1095-C Form is used to report an employee's health care coverage. The form is used to report whether the employee had minimum essential coverage for each month of the tax year. This form must be submitted with the employees' federal income tax return. The IRS has made the fillable 1095 C Form available on their website. The form can be filled out and printed out for submission with the employees' federal income tax return. Be sure to visit the IRS website for more information on how to complete and submit the 1095-C Form.

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Form NameFillable 1095 C Form
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields150
Avg. time to fill out31 min 4 sec
Other names1095-C, SSN, fillable 1095c, OMB

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Form 1095-C



Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage
























Department of the Treasury



Information about Form 1095-C and its separate instructions is at


Internal Revenue Service

















Applicable Large Employer Member (Employer)



Part I
























Name of employee


July 24, 2014








2 Social security number (SSN)


7 Name of employer





8 Employer identification number (EIN)


Street address (including apartment no.)





9 Street address (including room or suite no.)



10 Contact telephone number












City or town


5 State or province

6 Country and ZIP or foreign postal code

11 City or town


12 State or province


13 Country and ZIP or foreign postal code



























Part II










Employee Offer and Coverage






























All 12 Months













14Offer of Coverage (enter required code)

15Employee Share of Lowest Cost Monthly Premium, for Self-Only

Minimum Value















16Applicable Section 4980H Safe Harbor (enter code, if applicable)

Part III

Covered Individuals

If Employer provided self-insured coverage, check the box and enter the information for each covered individual.

(a) Name of covered individual(s)

(b) SSN

(c) DOB (If SSN is

(d) Covered





(e) Months of Coverage













not available)

all 12 months





May June July

Aug Sept Oct























For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see separate instructions.

Cat. No. 60705M

Form 1095-C (2014)

Indicator Codes for Employee Offer and Coverage – Form 1095-C Part II, Line 14 Code Series #1, Offer of Coverage

1A. QualifiedDRAFTOffer: Minimum Essential Coverage providingASMinimum ValueOFoffered to full-time employee with employee contribution for self-only coverage equal to or less than 9.5% mainland single federal poverty line and Minimum Essential Coverage offered to spouse and dependent(s).

1B. MinimumJulyEssential Coverage providing24,Minimum Value2014offered to employee only.

1C. Minimum Essential Coverage providing Minimum Value offered to employee and at least Minimum Essential Coverage offered to dependent(s) (not spouse).

1D. MinimumDOEssential CoverageNOTproviding Minimum Value offeredFILEto employee and at least Minimum Essential Coverage offered to spouse (not dependent(s)).

1E. Minimum Essential Coverage providing Minimum Value offered to employee and at least Minimum Essential Coverage offered to dependent(s) and spouse.

1F. Minimum Essential Coverage not providing Minimum Value offered to employee, or employee and spouse or dependent(s), or employee, spouse and dependents.

1G. Offer of coverage to employee who was not a full-time employee for any month of the calendar year and who enrolled in self-insured coverage for one or more months of the calendar year.

1H. No offer of coverage (employee not offered any health coverage or employee offered coverage not providing Minimum Essential Coverage).

1I. Qualified Offer Transition Relief 2015: Employee (and spouse or dependents) received no offer of coverage, or received an offer of coverage that is not a Qualified Offer, or received a Qualified Offer for less than all 12 Months.

Code Series 2 Section 4980H Safe Harbor Codes and Other Relief for Employers - Form 1095- C Part II, Line 16

2A. Employee not employed during the month.

2B. Employee not a full-time employee.

2C. Employee enrolled in coverage offered.

2D. Employee in a section 4980H(b) limited non assessment period.

2E. Multiemployer interim rule relief.

2F. Section 4980H affordability Form W-2 safe harbor.


2G. Section 4980H affordability federal poverty line safe harbor.

2H. Section 4980H affordability rate of pay safe harbor.

2I. NonDRAFT-calendar year transition relief applies to thisASemployee. OF

July 24, 2014



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