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Form NameForm 4 Epv
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameswi form epv, wi epv, wi dor epv, wi dept of revenue form epv

Form Preview Example

Form 4-EPV

Use voucher at bottom ONLY to submit the balance due for an electronically iled 2008 corporation income or

franchise tax return, including ONLY:

Form 4

Form 5

Form 5S

Do NOT use this voucher to submit the balance due on any individual income tax return, pass-through entity withholding return, composite individual income tax return, partnership recycling surcharge return, or any return form not listed in the box above.

For estimated payments of pass-through entity withholding (Form PW-1), use Form PW-ES.

Do NOT use this voucher for corporation quarterly estimated payments. Use Form 4-ES instead.





cut here










Wisconsin Corporation Electronic Payment Voucher










Make check payable to and mail to:

Use this form only if your taxable year begins in 2008




Wisconsin Department of Revenue





Box 930208


















Person to contact regarding payment:





Milwaukee WI 53293-0208
















Phone number:














This tax payment is for:








Federal Employer ID Number





2008 calendar year















m m d d










Fiscal year beginning





Corporation Name





Short taxable year








y y y y















, 2008; ending




















Number and Street























Amount of Payment







Zip Code























Please do not staple your payment to this voucher.

DC-105 (R. 10-08)