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Form 921 A, also known as the “Return of Property Held by a Foreign Estate or Trust” is a document used to report and repatriate any U.S. property held by a foreign estate or trust. The form is required to be filed annually by the due date of the Federal income tax return for the taxable year during which the property was transferred to the foreign estate or trust. Penalties may be assessed for late filings or failure to file. Properties that must be reported on Form 921 A include cash, stocks, bonds, notes, mortgages, real estate, etc. Any U.S. property transferred to a foreign estate or trust must be reported on this form regardless of its value. This includes transfers that occur through gifting, inheritance, sale/exchange, etc. Consult with your tax advisor if you have any questions about what should be included on this form.

Form NameForm 921 A
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameshomeowners' association certification form 921, condo certification form, condo cert, what is condo form 921

Form Preview Example

Homeowner’s Association Certification – Form 921 A

Two to Four Unit Established Condominiums




Contact Name & Phone:



Project Name & Address:










Is the subject a 2-4 unit condominium?

Yes No


a.Total Number of Units: ________

b.Total Number of Units Sold (under contract or closed): _______

c.Total Number of Owner Occupied or Second Home Units: _______


Are all common elements and/or facilities 100% complete?




Is the project subject to additional phasing and add-ons?




Do the unit owners, through the homeowners’ association, have sole ownership interest in and


rights to the use of the project’s facilities and common areas?




Are the amenities/recreational facilities owned by the HOA?




Does any one person or entity own more than one unit?




a.If yes, list how many each own:


7.Is the HOA involved in any litigation, mediation, arbitration or other dispute resolution process?

Yes No

a.If yes, explain:


8.Are there adverse environmental factors affecting the project as a whole or individual units?

Yes No

9.Do the projects legal documents include any restrictions on sale which would limit the free transfer of title? (i.e. Age Restrictions, First Right of Refusal, other deed/income restrictions) Yes No


Are the units owned in fee simple or leasehold?

Fee Simple



Does the property operate as a Condo Hotel/Motel, provide short term rentals or any type of


hotel services?


No If yes, describe:________________________________________

12.Is project a timeshare, a houseboat project, a manufactured housing project, or provide segmented ownership? Yes No

13. Is any part of the project used for commercial purposes? Yes No

a. If yes, what % of square footage?


b.What type of commercial use?




14. HOA is name insured on master policy insurance?


15.Are common elements/limited common elements insured to 100% replacement costs?

Yes No


Coverage $


Deductible $


Expiration Date












Are units or common improvements located in a flood zone? Yes



a. If yes, is the coverage amount 100% or the max available?

Yes No


Is the HOA insured for General Liability?






a. If yes, amount per occurrence $








Is the HOA insured for Fidelity Bond?







a. If yes, amount $










The above information was obtained from the following Homeowners Association Representative

Name (Please Print)










I certify the property is in a project that meets FNMA’s limited review requirements.



Lender’s Underwriter



Nov 1 2010

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Pay close attention while filling in this form. Make sure that all required blanks are done correctly.

1. To start off, when filling in the condo cert, start with the area containing next blank fields:

Completing segment 1 of condo certification

2. Just after performing the last part, go to the next part and fill in all required particulars in all these fields - Yes No, Are the units owned in fee simple, Fee Simple, Leasehold, hotel services, Yes No If yes describe, Is project a timeshare a, segmented ownership, Yes No, Is any part of the project used, Yes No, a b What type of commercial use, If yes what of square footage, INSURANCE HOA is name insured on, and Yes No.

Filling out part 2 in condo certification

3. In this particular step, check out Is the HOA insured for Fidelity, Yes No, If yes amount, The above information was obtained, Date, Phone, Date, and Nov. Each one of these should be filled in with utmost accuracy.

Part number 3 in submitting condo certification

Be extremely careful when filling out Phone and The above information was obtained, because this is where most users make a few mistakes.

Step 3: Prior to finalizing the file, it's a good idea to ensure that all blanks have been filled out right. As soon as you’re satisfied with it, click “Done." After starting a7-day free trial account here, you will be able to download condo cert or send it through email promptly. The file will also be at your disposal from your personal cabinet with all your modifications. FormsPal offers risk-free form editing with no personal data recording or sharing. Feel at ease knowing that your data is secure here!