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Form NameForm Cr500
Form Length5 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min 15 sec
Other namesAFP_Police_Chec k_15 australian federal police check online application form

Form Preview Example

Australian Federal Police

National Police Check (NPC) Application Form

Please complete this form by referring to the Application Completion Guide.

Office use only

1. Purpose of NPC

Code Number:


Enter the relevant code number from the table at Section 1: Purpose of NPC on



the Application completion Guide (e.g. Fire fighting/prevention = Code No 15)

If a code is not specified this application will be processed as a Standard Disclosure (Code 30).

If the purpose is not listed or you are unsure please ring the AFP Criminal Records Help Desk on 02 6202 3333 for assistance.

2. Applicant Details

If completing manually use form CR500m. Mark check boxes with a cross (X).

Current Family Name




All Given Names




Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) /


Gender: Male


Previous or Other Names by which you are known or have been formerly known must be listed below (eg. maiden, deed poll). If more room is required, list on separate sheet, sign and send with this application form. Additional information sheet included


Family Name: (include all name changes and maiden name) Given Names


Date of Birth



















Place of Birth Town















Telephone Numbers: Home







Australian Drivers Licence Number

Issuing State:


Copy Attached
















Current Residential Address – Complete in FULL






Unit No.

Street No.

Street Name / Street Type









Post Code







Residency From

























Previous Residential Address – Complete in FULL






Unit No.

Street No.

Street Name / Street Type









Post Code







Residency From
















3. Employer/Organisation Details (For use by AFP Account holders only)


















Organisation/employer name

Client Code:

Client Reference Number
































Form CR500

Version 1.05

Page 1 of 5

4. Mailing Address for Police Certificate

The National Police Certificate will be posted to the account holder listed at Section 3 of this application.

5.Fingerprints Please note that a fingerprint check is only required under very limited circumstances. Please ensure that you are actually required to have a fingerprint check conducted before going to the expense of this level of check by checking with the organisation/department requesting the check.

Is a fingerprint check required? Yes




If yes, fingerprints must be submitted with this form. In addition choose only

one of the below statements. For information on fingerprint checks see Section 5: Fingerprint Checks on the Application Completion Guide.

I have attached:

(a)fingerprints taken by another police jurisdiction


(b)fingerprints taken by the AFP and not charged when taken

(c) fingerprints taken by the AFP and charged when taken


- receipt of payment must be supplied with this form


i.I acknowledge I have read the Application Completion Guide for this application form (pages 3 6) and I am aware exclusions from spent convictions legislation may apply to some categories of NPCs.

ii.The personal information I have provided on this form (including fingerprints if supplied) relates to me and is correct.

iii.I acknowledge the details contained on this form, including fingerprints where relevant, will be forwarded to the AFP, CrimTrac, and/or the Police Services of the States or Territories of the Commonwealth of Australia.

iv.I consent to the AFP and any other Australian police force extracting details of any convictions, findings of guilt or pending court proceedings relating to me, including in relation to any traffic offence, and providing that information to me or to the Employer/Organisation named in Section 3 above, as approved or to another person agency as named in Section 4.

v.I acknowledge the information provided on this form will not be used without my prior consent for any other purpose, unless otherwise authorised by law.

vi.I acknowledge that any information provided on this form or disclosed by the police as a result of the records check may be taken into account by the organisation mentioned in (3) above or any organisation to whom I present the results of the records check in assessing my suitability to receive the entitlement.

Applicant’s Signature




If you are under 18 years of age please provide consent below from a parent/guardian.



Parent/Guardian Signature




Parent/Guardian name printed in full








Form CR500

Version 1.05

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Section 2: Applicant details

Please ensure ALL applicant details are provided including all current and previous names, telephone contact numbers, drivers licence details etc.

If there is insufficient room, please attach a separate sheet, ensuring that it is signed and dated.

Section 3: Employer/Organisation details

This section relates to AFP account holders only and should not be used unless previously advised.

Section 4: Mailing Address of Police Certificate

The National Police Certificate will be mailed to the organisation listed at Section 3.

Section 5: Fingerprint Checks are only required where there is a legislative requirement for such a check to be conducted. The employer or organisation requiring the NPC will advise you if this is necessary.

These fingerprints must be included with pages 1 and 2 of this form at the time of submission.

An additional cost and processing time is associated with this service. Details are available on the AFP website or use the link

Fingerprints can be taken by your local police jurisdiction or the AFP. Where fingerprints are taken by the AFP and the AFP charges for this service a receipt must be obtained and supplied to Criminal Records with this application.

Section 6: Consent

This section must be signed by the applicant. If a parent/guardian has signed in the consent section they consent to the AFP conducting a NPC on their son/daughter/ward.

Form CR500

Version 1.05

Page 3 of 5

Spent Convictions Legislation

The aim of spent convictions legislation is to prevent discrimination on the basis of certain previous convictions. Spent convictions legislation limits the use and disclosure of older, less serious convictions and findings of guilt.

There are some offences excluded from being spent where the check is required for certain purposes as indicated in the table above these offences will be released regardless of how old they are.

Where a record exists within an Australian police jurisdiction, relevant spent conviction legislation/policies governing the release of that information for that jurisdiction will be applied. As a result certain convictions will not be released provided this is in accordance with the relevant legislation/policies.

For Commonwealth records the AFP applies the provisions within Part VIIC of the Crimes Act 1914 and for ACT records provisions within the ACT Spent Convictions Act 2000 are applicable. If further information or clarification is required please contact the individual jurisdiction where the record is held.

Provision of False or Misleading Information

You are asked to certify that the personal information you have provided on this form is correct. Where your check is for employment related purposes and the result is to be provided to your employer or other organisation, discovery of any false or misleading information may be reported by the AFP and may impact on the decision being undertaken by the employer or organisation.

The AFP provides information, with your consent, to the employer or organisation but takes no part in any subsequent assessment.

Disputed Record Enquiries

If you believe the information provided on your police certificate is incorrect or inaccurate a Disputed Record form (CR 1200) is available from the AFP website. This form should be forwarded to the AFP through the agency or organisation with whom you have lodged your application for a National Police Check.

Include any additional information or documents supporting your enquiry to enable the AFP to more accurately assess your application. In some instances the AFP may require comparison fingerprints to resolve some disputes. Applicants will be notified in such instances.

The Privacy Commissioner is responsible for ensuring the protection of private information relating to individuals. This includes investigating instances where information has been released improperly or incorrectly. An individual who believes the standards dealing with disclosure and use of old conviction information have been breached may apply to the Privacy Commissioner for an investigation of the matter. The phone number is 1300 363 992.

The following requirements must be met when submitting an AFP National Police Check (NPC).

Form CR500

Version 1.05

Page 4 of 5

Account Customer - Completion Check List

Failure to meet the required standards will result in the form being returned for amendment.

OEnsure Section 1 Purpose of NPC has been completed

OA copy of an Australian driver’s licence or other acceptable identification (eg

passport, certified full birth certificate, certified marriage certificate) must accompany the application unless you have been otherwise advised. Do not send original documents.

OEnsure all the necessary details have been completed and the form is signed and dated.

OIf completing by hand use BLOCK LETTERS and black ink.

OMark the appropriate check boxes with a cross (X).

OAll previous or other names by which you are known or have been formerly known, including maiden name, must be listed in full on the form or on an enclosed additional sheet.

OAny attachments with additional information must be signed by the applicant.

OThe form must be submitted no more than three months after being signed by the applicant.

OIf the applicant is under 18 years of age the form must be signed by a parent/guardian.

ODo not send the Application Completion Guide (pages 3 6 of this form) to the AFP. Please retain these for your reference.

Form CR500

Version 1.05

Page 5 of 5

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Client Reference Number, Organisationemployer name, and ACT Government of Form Cr500

4. This next section requires some additional information. Ensure you complete all the necessary fields - Mailing Address for Police, Is a fingerprint check required, If yes fingerprints must be, a fingerprints taken by another, b fingerprints taken by the AFP, c fingerprints taken by the AFP, receipt of payment must be, Consent, ii iii, and I acknowledge I have read the - to proceed further in your process!

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5. This pdf must be finished by filling in this area. Here you will find a detailed set of fields that require accurate information for your form submission to be complete: I acknowledge I have read the, Applicants Signature, Date, If you are under years of age, ParentGuardian Signature, Date, and ParentGuardian name printed in full.

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