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For businesses operating commercial vehicles that traverse state lines, understanding and complying with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Decal Request is crucial. This document, identified as form R-5679 and updated in March 2006, serves a dual purpose for new registrants and those seeking renewal or additional decals for their fleets. It prompts for essential details such as the account number, legal and trade names, as well as the current mailing address of the entity submitting the request. The form further extends to gather specifics about anticipated travel in additional states not previously reported and the location where bulk fuel is stored, if applicable. Integral to the form is the stipulation that two IFTA decals are necessary per qualified motor vehicle in the fleet, mandating placement on both sides of each vehicle's cab, with exceptions noted for buses. The definition provided for "Qualified Motor Vehicle" captures a wide array of commercial vehicles by their weight or configuration, underscoring the exclusion of recreational vehicles. Compliance, inclusive of visible decal placement and submission of a copy of the IFTA license with requests for additional decals, guards against the risk of citations or fines. The requested number of decals, along with their associated cost, marks the completion of this form, guiding applicants towards finalization by mailing it with the applicable payment to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. It’s a straightforward reminder of the legal necessities governing cross-state commercial transportation and the responsibilities of operators within the domain.

Form NameForm Decal Request
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameslouisiana ifta application online, ifta sticker louisiana, louisiana ifta online, la ifta tax form

Form Preview Example

R-5679 (3/06)

International Fuel Tax Agreement

(IFTA) Decal Request Form


Please print or type .

New Request






Account Number

Legal Name

Trade Name

Current Mailing Address







Contact Person






List additional states for which you anticipate travel, if not previously reported:






List states where bulk fuel is stored, if any :



Request for Decals

Two IFTA decals are required for each Qualified Motor Vehicle operated. One decal must be placed on the passenger’s side and one decal on the driver’s side of each vehicle. Additional decals for vehicles added to your fleet may be purchased during the calendar year. Extra decals may also be purchased with this request.

“Qualified Motor Vehicle” means a motor vehicle used, designed, or maintained for transportation of persons or property and:

1.having two axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000 lbs.; or

2.having three or more axles regardless of weight; or, used in combination when the weight of such a combination exceeds 26,000 lbs.

“Qualified Motor Vehicle” does not include recreational vehicles.

The IFTA decal must be visible and placed on both sides of the exterior portion of the cab (buses may place the decal on the driver’s side). Failure to display the decal in the required locations may subject the operator to citations and/or fines.

A copy of your IFTA license must be submitted with all requests for additional decals.

Number of Qualified Vehicles __________________ x 2 =


Number of extra decals requested


Total number of decals requested

________________ x $1.00 = $ ______________

Mail request and payment to: Louisiana Department of Revenue

Taxpayer Services Division/Excise Tax

P.O. Box 201

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0201

Please contact this office at (225) 219-7656 or TDD (225) 219-2114 should you need further assistance.


Number of decals issued

Serial numbers

Date of issue


Issuer’s initials


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Whenever you need to fill out ifta registration form, there's no need to install any sort of software - just give a try to our PDF editor. Our editor is constantly developing to provide the best user experience attainable, and that's because of our commitment to continuous enhancement and listening closely to user opinions. With some basic steps, you can start your PDF editing:

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If you want to complete this document, make certain you type in the information you need in each and every blank:

1. Complete your ifta registration form with a number of essential blank fields. Collect all the required information and be sure absolutely nothing is missed!

Step number 1 for filling in louisiana ifta

2. Just after the first section is filled out, go on to type in the relevant information in all these - A copy of your IFTA license must, Number of Qualified Vehicles, Number of extra decals requested, Total number of decals requested, Mail request and payment to, Louisiana Department of Revenue, Please contact this office at or, FOR OFFICE USE ONLY, Number of decals issued, Serial numbers, Date of issue, Walkin, and Issuers initials.

Part # 2 of submitting louisiana ifta

It is possible to get it wrong when completing the Number of extra decals requested, so you'll want to go through it again prior to deciding to finalize the form.

Step 3: Right after you've reread the information entered, press "Done" to finalize your document creation. Download the ifta registration form as soon as you sign up at FormsPal for a 7-day free trial. Conveniently gain access to the pdf document inside your FormsPal account page, along with any modifications and changes conveniently saved! FormsPal ensures your information confidentiality by using a secure system that in no way saves or shares any personal information typed in. You can relax knowing your docs are kept confidential every time you use our service!