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If you are a United States taxpayer, there is a form that you will need to know about. Form Dr 2870 is used to request relief from tax liability due to disaster. This form can be used to request relief for yourself, your spouse, or your dependents. There are several situations where you may be eligible for relief, so it is important to understand the requirements and how to file for this type of assistance.

Form NameForm Dr 2870
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namespayable, COLORADO, colorado dmv reinstatement application, application for reinstatement

Form Preview Example

Departmental Use Only

DR 2870 (05/20/10)



P.O. BOX 173345

DENVER, CO 80217-3345



Complete the required information below.*

If unsure of your speciic reinstatement requirements call Customer Service at 303-205-5613.

Allow 20 business days for processing.

Once you have completed all the requirements, return this entire form with payment and all required documents to:



P.O. BOX 173345

DENVER, CO 80217-3345

Reinstatement fee $95.00. Make your check or money order payable to “Department of Revenue.”

Do not send any more or any less than $95.00. Do not send cash.

*Required Information

*First Name (Printed)

*Middle Name


*Last Name













*Date of Birth





Colorado License/ID Number (if known)







*Mailing Address

The mailing address you provide will only be used for correspondence related to your reinstatement. Use Form 2285 for an oficial change of address with the Department.



























Daytime Phone Number

Evening Phone Number


Email Address




















If you had to get an ignition interlock device provide the name of the company:









*Print name of person paying for reinstatement if other than yourself.











The State may convert your check to a one time electronic banking transaction. Your bank account may be debited as early as the same day


received by the State. If converted, your check will not be returned. If your check is rejected due to insuficient or uncollected funds, the Department


of Revenue may collect the payment amount directly from your bank account electronically.













Did you do the following?

1.Find out your speciic reinstatement requirements? For help call Customer Service at 303-205-5613.

2.Include all documents needed to process your reinstatement?

3.Complete all required information on the application?

4.Include your check or money order for $95?

5.Please include your Colorado license or ID number on your payment (if known).

A cancelled check does not mean your reinstatement is complete. We will mail you a Letter of Clearance when your reinstatement is complete. After reinstatement you may be required to apply for a new license. If a written and/or drive test is needed you must go to a full service Driver‘s License ofice. Check our web site for locations.






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