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Form Dt 0266 is a document that is submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This document is used to disclose the details of an initial public offering. The form must be filed at least 15 days before the proposed action date. This form discloses all pertinent information about the company, such as its financial condition and what it plans to do with the proceeds from the IPO. By submitting this form, the company can ensure that it is in compliance with federal securities laws. It's important for companies to file Form Dt 0266 because it provides critical information to potential investors.

Form NameForm Dt 0266
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesBldg, Tennessee, ODA, TDOT

Form Preview Example

Outdoor Advertising Device Application, State of Tennessee, Department of

Transportation, Environmental Division, Beautification Office

Please Type or Print Clear – Press Hard Type of Application (Check One): Original Application ____

Application for Expired Permit _____










Name of Applicant




Mailing Address













4. State

Zip Code


Phone Number (Include Area


6. Application Date
















7. Property Owner Name and Mailing Address (Required State and Zip Code)

Location of Outdoor Advertising Device

8. Highway Route Number

9. County Name



10. Is this a Fully Controlled Access Highway?












Interstate #


Primary Hwy or NHS











State Route# ______







Yes ____ No ____














11. Is the sign within 1,000 feet of an entrance or


12. Is the sign within the corporate limits of a city or town: Yes ___ No ___

exit ramp?

Yes _____ No _____




If YES, name of City or Town ____________________________________








13. Nearest Intersecting Highway or Road


Direction from


14. Present Zoning of Site

15. Name of qualifying activity if



North ____ South ___



unzoned commercial or industrial:




Distance from Intersection __________

East ____ West
















16. Distance to nearest outdoor advertising device in each direction on the same side of the road

COMPLETE TWO: __________ Ft. South, __________ Ft. North, __________ Ft. East, __________, Ft. West

17. Is this application for

18. If the answer to item 17 is YES,

19. Previous Permit or Tag

20. Will Outdoor Advertising Device be a

an existing sign?

when was the sign erected?

Number __________

back to back or V-Type structure?

Yes _____ No ____



Yes ______ No ______

Face Type, Materials and Configuration – You are required to build whatever you apply for on your application if issued permit.

21. Is this application for

22. Sign Face Area:

23. Shape:

24. Sign Face

25. Lighted Yes ___ No___

transferring a

_______ Sq. Ft.




Face Type:

Permitted Stacked





26. Stretch Vinyl or Other


Face Dimensions:

______ Triangular

____ Wood

Yes ____ No____

Yes ____ No ____




_____ Metal



Height ________Ft.





_____ Other

27. Mechanical Changeable

If yes, list tag #:






Panels: Yes_____ No_____


Width ________ Ft.













**28. Digital Display or LED:






Yes_____ No _____

NOTE: The following Must Accompany This Application – Whatever is stated on application will be required be built if permitted. 1) A check or money order in the amount of $200.00 payable to TDOT for application fees and any additional fees for expired permits.

2) A copy of a signed notarized affidavit by the property owner stating permission has been given to erect a sign. Property owner’s signature must be notarized. A copy of property owner’s recent property record from the Assessor of Property Office. If this record is available on-line, a printout is acceptable.

3) A map or scaled drawing on a separate piece of paper which shows the location of the proposed outdoor advertising device on private property. It is mandatory to show the property lines and the State’s highway right-of-way and to include any cross roads.

Please refer to the rules before applying for this permit.

Field Inspection Requirement: The applicant must mark the proposed sign location with an easily visible flag or stake. Failure to properly mark a proposed location will result in the rejection of this application; the application fee will be retained as required by law.

This application is for a permit for one face of an outdoor advertising device. The permit is not transferable to another Outdoor Advertising Device. I hereby certify that I have personally examined and understand the “Rules and Regulations for the Control for Outdoor Advertising” and this application is made in compliance with same, and further certify that the statements made on the application are accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and understand that if investigation reveals that any of the information on the application is false the permit will be voided, tag confiscated, and the Outdoor Advertising Device will be declared illegal.

I also certify that the only Vegetation Control to be performed at this location for signs erected after April 20, 1983, will be in accordance with the Rules and Regulation.

Signed ______________________________________________ Name Typed or Printed __________________________________

Department of Transportation




























































Return White and Canary Copies to Beautification Office – ODA, Suite 400 James K.







Polk Bldg., Nashville, TN 37243-0333 (Please Retain Pink (last) copy for your files.)















** Item 28 is required to be marked Yes if you are applying for & going to build a Digital Display, LED.