Form F625 008 000 PDF Details

Form F625 008 000 is a new form that the IRS has released to help taxpayers with their tax returns. The form can be used to report activities related to virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin. This new form could be helpful for taxpayers who have made transactions involving virtual currencies in order to ensure that they are reporting all of their income correctly. If you have made any transactions involving virtual currencies, it is important to consult with a tax professional in order to find out if you need to file this new form.

Form NameForm F625 008 000
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other names625008af state of washington assigned savings account form

Form Preview Example

Mail original completed form to:

Department of Labor and Industries

Contractor Registration

PO Box 44450

Olympia WA 98504-4450

Assigned Savings Account

Washington State Banks Only

This assignment is for the purpose of fulfilling the requirement of RCW 18.27.040.

The undersigned does hereby assign, transfer and set over unto the state of Washington all rights, title and interest with full power and authority to demand, collect and receive said deposit. The deposit will only be released as directed by the Department of Labor and Industries within 30 days notice on demand and with no other conditions of release.


To be completed by Bank Officer

BUSINESS NAME: __________________________________________________________________

ACCOUNT NUMBER: _______________________________________________________________

AMOUNT OF ACCOUNT BEING HELD: _________________________________________________

NAME OF BANK: ___________________________________________________________________

BANK MAILING ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________

Mailing address


CityState Zip Code

DEPOSITOR: (Print name) ___________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE OF DEPOSITOR: ___________________________________________________DATE:_______________


The undersigned hereby accepts the foregoing assigned savings account and agrees to hold the funds until an authorized release is received by the Department of Labor and Industries

SIGNATURE OF BANK OFFICER: ________________________________________________DATE:_______________

BANK PHONE NUMBER: ____________________________________________________________

BANK OFFICER: (Print name) ________________________________________________________

TITLE: ___________________________________________________________________________


State of Washington

Signed or attested

County of ___________________________ before me on_________________________

Notary Seal


By_________________________________ Signature_____________________________

Printed name of Bank Officer

Notary Signature

My Commission expires: ________________________

A cash deposit must remain on file with the Department of Labor and Industries for two years after

your registration expires.

F625-008-000 assigned savings account 10-2008

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your registration expires, State of Washington Signed or, and A cash deposit must remain on file of Form F625 008 000

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