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Form H1836B is a revised version of the form that was released in 2013. The purpose of this form is to provide information about an investment or business opportunity for submission to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for review. This revised form includes updated questions and clarification on certain items, so it is important that you are familiar with the changes before submitting your application. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Form H1836B and what you need to know in order to complete it correctly. Stay tuned!

Form NameForm H1836 B
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesform 1836, h1836 b, 1836b form hhsc, 1836b form

Form Preview Example

Texas Health and Human

Services Commission

Section I To Be Completed By Staff

Medical Release/Physician’s Statement

Form H1836-B

January 2006

Name of Patient

Date of Birth

Social Security No.



- -

Case Name (caregiver)

Case No.

Patient’s Usual Job




Advisor’s Name






Office Address/Mail Code/Fax No.






Section II To Be Completed By Physician



The person caring for the patient named above has applied for benefits with our agency. Federal and state regulations require that persons receiving

benefits work or participate in activities to prepare them for work unless they are unable to do so due to a circumstance such as being needed in the home due to the patient’s disabling illness or injury. This person claims that circumstance. Please complete parts A and B below. After you complete the form,

you may give it to the person or mail it to HHSC at the address in Section I.

Part A Caring For a Disabled Family Member

To what extent is the caregiver able to work or participate in activities to prepare for work? Please check one of the following boxes:


The caregiver is able to work, or participate in activities to prepare for work (outside or inside of their home), full time







(a) The caregiver is able to work or participate in activities to prepare for work (outside of their home), part time at











(b) The caregiver is able to work or participate in activities to prepare for work (inside of their home), part time at









The caregiver is unable to work or participate in activities. If you check this box, please indicate which of the following applies:




(a) The disability is permanent.







(b) The disability is not permanent and is expected to last more than 6 months.













(c) The disability is not permanent and is expected to last 6 months or less.










If necessary, provide further detail:

Part BDiagnosis

Primary disabling diagnosis

Secondary disabling diagnosis


Name of Physician (please type or print)

Physicians License No.










Office Address (Street or P.O. Box, City, State, ZIP)


Area Code and Telephone No.




























Form H1836-B

Page 2/01-2006

Authorization to Release Medical Information

Section III To Be Completed By Patient or Patient’s Personal Representative

Patient’s Name

The applicant is requesting an exemption from participating in the employment services program because he/she is needed in the home due to your disabling illness or injury. When you sign this authorization, you are giving HHSC permission to contact your doctors, medical facilities or other health care providers to request copies of you health information as indicated below. You must sign this form if you want the applicant to be eligible for an exemption from the employment services program.

I authorize

Doctor, Medical Facilities or other Health Care Providers

to complete Form H1836-B, Medical Release/Physician’s Statement, and release the information to HHSC and the Texas Workforce Commission for purposes of verifying that the applicant is needed in the home due to my disabling illness or injury, and therefore cannot participate fully in the employment services program.

This authorization expires on

Patient or Personal Representative’s Signature



If you are signing for the patient, please describe your authority to act for the patient:

Note: If the person requesting the release of case information cannot sign his/her name, two witnesses to his/her mark (X) must sign below:





Notice to Client

HHSC, as receiver of this information, will protect your personal health information in accordance with federal and state privacy regulations. If you authorize release of your health information to other parties, it may no longer be protected by privacy regulations.

You can withdraw permission you have given your doctor or health care provider to use or disclose health information that identifies you, unless they have already taken action based on your permission. You must withdraw your permission in writing.

How to Edit Form H1836 B Online for Free

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If you want to fill out this PDF form, make certain you provide the right details in each blank:

1. It is very important fill out the 1836b form properly, thus be careful when filling in the areas that contain all of these blanks:

Filling in section 1 of hhsc 1836 form

2. The third step is to fill in all of the following fields: If necessary provide further detail, Part B Diagnosis, Primary disabling diagnosis, Comments, Secondary disabling diagnosis, Name of Physician please type or, Physicians License No, Office Address Street or PO Box, SignaturePhysician, Date, and Area Code and Telephone No.

Part number 2 for filling in hhsc 1836 form

3. This next stage is going to be simple - fill in all the blanks in Section III To Be Completed By, Patients Name, The applicant is requesting an, I authorize, Doctor Medical Facilities or other, to complete Form HB Medical, This authorization expires on, Patient or Personal, Date, If you are signing for the patient, Note If the person requesting the, Witness, and Date to finish this process.

Best ways to fill in hhsc 1836 form portion 3

It is easy to make a mistake when filling in your Patient or Personal, thus make sure that you reread it before you'll send it in.

4. Completing Notice to Client, Witness, Date, HHSC as receiver of this, and You can withdraw permission you is key in the next step - make certain that you spend some time and take a close look at every blank area!

hhsc 1836 form completion process described (stage 4)

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