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Form Ims 01 is a required form for all international shipments. The form helps to ensure that your shipment meets import and export requirements. Completing the form accurately will help to avoid delays in your shipment's arrival. By understanding the information on this form, you can ensure a smooth shipping process for your goods. Let's take a closer look at what information is included on Form Ims 01. One of the most important things to understand about Form Ims 01 is that it covers both the importation and exportation of goods. This means that you will need to provide specific information depending on whether you are bringing in or sending out goods.

Below is the details relating to the file you were seeking to fill in. It will show you just how long it will need to finish form ims 01, what parts you need to fill in and several additional specific facts.

Form NameForm Ims 01
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesNYS, OCS, HIPAA, opwdd forms

Form Preview Example

NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

Form IMS-01 (Revised 01/28/2019)

User ID and System Access Request Form (External)

If unable to use Adobe Reader XI to complete form, please see page 2 for assistance.

Section 1 - User Information


Agency Name:

First Name:

OPWDD Agency ID:



Last Name:










Work Telephone:


Work Address:

























Zip Code

User's Agency E-Mail:






Section 2 - OPWDD User ID & Access Request* DO NOT HANDWRITE IN SECTION 2

OPWDD USER ID Status: Select ONE option from drop down menu

Application Access Request:


Modify Role Revoke

Please use the below free version of




Adobe Acrobat Reader




to complete the form.

Select ONE application from drop down






Section 3 - Statement of Use To be read and signed by user requesting to USE OPWDD application(s).

Users are responsible for ALL activity performed with their assigned OPWDD User ID. Use is limited to conducting official business involving OPWDD. Any use, authorized or not, constitutes express consent for authorized personnel to monitor, intercept, record, read, copy, access or capture such information for use or disclosure in any manner without additional prior notice. Users have no legitimate expectation of privacy during any use of OPWDD systems. Unauthorized use or attempted unauthorized use is not permitted and may constitute a federal or state crime. Such use may subject you to appropriate disciplinary and/or criminal action. Clinical information, including records that identify or tend to identify individuals served or proposed to be served by OPWDD and its certified providers, is confidential and can only be disclosed in accordance with Mental Hygiene Law Sec. 33.13, HIPAA, and OCS. By signing below, you confirm that you have read, agree, understand the Section 3 "Statement of Use", confirm you have provided your legal (first, middle initial and last) name in section one (1) as well as confirm all information provided in sections 1 , 2 and 3 are correct.



Section 4 - Executive Approval To be read and signed by Executive Director or authorized designee listed with OPWDD.

Executive Director or authorized designee listed with OPWDD is required to sign, print and date when request of access or any modification /reactivation for section one (1) user. When employee is no longer employed with provider agency, it is the responsibility of the agency to submit a CLOSE request at that time (Sections 1, 2 and 4 ONLY). Failure to do so, may result in a potential HIPAA Violation. Requests for CLOSE OR Revoke of a specific application, is an exception and may be signed by the user, who is currently employed with the provider agency, supervisor OR manager in lieu of the Executive Director, with their name and title printed under their signature. By signing below, you confirm that you are listed with NYSOPWDD as an Executive Director/authorized designee for said agency notated in section 1, you have read, understand and, agree with the above statement and authorize the processing of the request for access made in Section two (2) by the user.

Signature, in section 4, without a printed name will NOT be accepted.




Executive Director Signature (or Authorized Designee signature)



Executive Director printed Name (or Authorized Designee Name and Job Title)

Section 5 - Secure NYS OPWDD Application Authorizer Approval (if required) ONLY authorized OPWDD personnel should

sign in this section. This section is solely intended for users who have chosen an application in section 2 that has "*Note Section 5 Authorizer Required"; If you do NOT see this previously mentioned note in section 2, please do NOT alter this section in any way.




NYS OPWDD Application Authorizer Signature and Printed Name



Form is REJECTED if sections 1 or 2 have ANY handwritten, false and/or missing pertinent information to process the request.

Submit completed form (that does NOT require section 5) or form related inquires to OPWDD IMS -

Submit IR (IRMA) related requests or IRMA related inquiries to OPWDD IMU -

Submit QI (DQIA) related requests or inquiries to -

Clear Form

Submit FA - Fire Portal requests or inquires to -

Print Form

Instructions for Form IMS-01 (Revised 01/28/2019)

User ID and System Access Request Form Instructions

Form is REJECTED if sections 1 or 2 have ANY handwritten, false or missing pertinent information to process the request.

Staff who have NOT officially started working at the agency should NOT request access to the OPWDD systems.

Section 1 - User Information - Do NOT handwrite ANY information.

Please type ALL information requested, do NOT leave any box blank if requesting to use secure OPWDD application(s).

Provide LEGAL First name, middle initial and last name.

If no LEGAL middle name: type an “X”; user must submit their form and confirm they do not legally have a middle name OR middle name begins with an “X”, within the body of the e-mail submission.

Section 2 - OPWDD User ID & Access Request - Do NOT handwrite ANY information.

Part 1 - Select ONE option from the OPWDD User ID Status drop down menu.

OPWDD User ID - User has a User ID with Agency/agency ID provided in section 1. Go to part 2.

I do NOT have an OPWDD User ID* - User does not have an OPWDD User ID in system. Go to part 2.

Additional OPWDD User ID… - User currently has a User ID with a different agency/agency ID. Do NOT enter User ID. Go to part 2. Name Change - User needs to change last name ONLY. No other requests can be made at that time. Go to part 2.

Reactivate Access - 6 months or more since last login (user id account cannot be closed). Go directly to section 3.

Close OPWDD User ID - User no longer employed with agency/no longer need to use User ID account. Go directly to section 4.

*If user requesting more than one account/more than one application, only ONE form should have "I do not have an OPWDD User ID" selected.

Part 2 - Select ONE option from the Application Access Request (grant, modify role OR revoke).

Grant - User needs to gain access to a specific application. Go to part 3.

Modify Role - User needs to change their current role in CHOICES; the user MUST notate their User ID. Go to part 3. Revoke - User still with agency, needs to remove ONE application from User ID account. CLOSE cannot be chosen. Go to part 3.

Part 3 - Select ONE application from the second drop down menu

Select application needed. External Provisioning staff cannot provide the application needed nor a description of the applications.

Double check all information in section 1 and 2, correct issues, if necessary then print the form.

Section 3 - Statement of Use.

User should double check all information in section 1 and 2 if they did not complete those sections. User needs to read, sign and date.

If “Close OPWDD User ID” OR “Revoke” is chosen, Do NOT make any notation/marks/notes in section 3. Do nothing in section 3.

Section 4 - Executive Approval.

Obtain the Executive Director or AUTHORIZED designee listed with OPWDD signature, printed name and date section 4. Submit the completed form to the appropriate unit listed at the bottom of the form; do not submit this page.

Do NOT submit to the wrong unit or multiple units.

Section 5 - Secure NYS OPWDD Application Authorizer Approval

This section to be completed by a NYS employee ONLY and only if section 2 application chosen states Section 5 is required.

How to Edit Form Ims 01 Online for Free

The whole process of completing the NYS is very effortless. Our team ensured our PDF editor is not difficult to work with and helps fill in any sort of form within minutes. Listed below are some of the steps you will need to take:

Step 1: Press the orange button "Get Form Here" on this web page.

Step 2: Right now, it is possible to edit your NYS. This multifunctional toolbar makes it possible to include, eliminate, modify, highlight, and perform many other commands to the text and fields within the document.

The following areas will frame the PDF document that you will be completing:

Authorizer fields to fill in

In the area, put in writing your data.

Authorizer  blanks to fill

It's essential to highlight the fundamental particulars in the section.

Entering details in Authorizer stage 3

Step 3: When you hit the Done button, the ready document is readily exportable to any type of of your devices. Alternatively, it is possible to deliver it via email.

Step 4: To avoid any hassles as time goes on, be sure to create a minimum of a couple of copies of the document.

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