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Form NameForm Itd 0020
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesitd 0020, ITD, itd 3153, 4-Year

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Internet Application for Replacement

Idaho Driver's License or Identification Card

ITD 0020 (Rev. 07-12)

~Use this form only if you are an Idaho resident traveling or living temporarily out of state and do not meet the residency requirements of another jurisdiction. ~

Note: This form must be completed and signed only by the person requesting the replacement.

Idaho residents who need a replacement driver's license (DL) or identification card (ID) and who are temporarily living out of state may be eligible to receive a replacement through the mail. A replacement Idaho driver's license cannot be granted to anyone whose driving privileges are currently withdrawn in any state. Idaho residents who are living in Idaho must appear in person at their local Idaho driver's licensing office to receive a replacement (see the Idaho Driver's Manual for further information.) Expired ID cards cannot be replaced through the mail.

To apply for a replacement driver's license or ID card, complete this form, include your check or money order, MasterCard or Visa information (Do Not Send Cash), and mail or fax it to:

Idaho Transportation Department Driver's License

PO Box 7129

Boise ID 83707-1129

Fax: (208) 334-8586 Phone: (208) 334-8735, Option 3 Scanned application forms can be sent to

~ Type or Print Clearly in Black Ink ~

First Name

Middle Name


Last Name



Date of Birth









Social Security or DL/ID Card Number

Name on Social Security Card

Date Returning to Idaho (approximate)







Current Out-of-State Residence Address


City or Town



Zip/Postal Code






Current Out-of-State Mailing Address (If different from above)

City or Town



Zip/Postal Code







Idaho Residence Address


City or Town



Zip/Postal Code







Idaho Mailing Address


City or Town



Zip/Postal Code









Reason for Replacement (Be Specific)








Are you a citizen/national of the United States?

If No, enter Alien Registration Number. You must include a copy of your lawful presence documents.







Upon approval, a replacement Idaho driver's license or ID card will be sent to you at the out-of-state mailing address listed above.

Driving privileges that have been withdrawn in any state will be cause for denial of a replacement driver's license.

Replacement Fees: (Check one)

Driver's License - $15.00

Under Age 21 ID Card - $10.00

4-Year ID Card - $10.00

8-Year ID Card - $20.00

MasterCard or Visa Number

Expiration Date

Applicant's Daytime Phone Number Applicant's E-Mail Address

A new plastic driver's license or ID card will be sent to you in about 10 business days. Check the box below if you would like to have a temporary driver's license or ID card sent to you by Fed Ex instead of USPS mail. Fed Ex will only deliver to a physical address. They will not deliver to a Post Office box. To determine delivery time and fee, go to Should the FedEx package be returned as undeliverable through no fault of ITD, you will be charged the return fee.

I authorize the Fed Ex fee to be charged to my credit card.

Overnight (next business day)


Saturday Delivery

By affixing my signature below, I hereby state, under penalty of perjury, that I am an Idaho resident temporarily residing in

,and that I have not made a false, incomplete, or incorrect statement of any fact on this application, nor have I obtained a driver’s license, instruction permit, or identification card in any other jurisdiction. If applying for a driver’s license, I state that I am responsible and physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of safely operating a motor vehicle. I further certify with my signature that I am the person shown on the original driver's license or identification card.

Applicant's Signature


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2. Soon after performing the last part, head on to the subsequent stage and fill in all required particulars in all these blank fields - A new plastic drivers license or, I authorize the Fed Ex fee to be, Overnight next business day, Day, Saturday Delivery, By affixing my signature below I, Applicants Signature, and Date.

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