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In most cases, the Form L032 001 tax form is used to report estate and trust income. This form is also used to report distributions made to beneficiaries of an estate or trust. If you're required to file this form, it's important that you understand how to complete it correctly. In this blog post, we'll provide a brief overview of the Form L032 001, including instructions on how to complete it. We'll also highlight some common mistakes that taxpayers often make when filing this form.

Before you decide to fill in form l032 001, you will need to find out more about the type of form you will work with.

Form NameForm L032 001
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesL032 Statutory Agent Resignation arizona statutory agent resignation form

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Read the Instructions L032i

1.ENTITY NAME – give the exact name of the LLC as currently shown in A.C.C. records:


2.A.C.C. FILE NUMBER: _______________________________________________________________________________

Find the A.C.C. file number on the upper corner of filed documents OR on our website at:

3.STATUTORY AGENT NAME – list the exact name of the resigning statutory agent as currently shown in A.C.C. records:


4.KNOWN PLACE OF BUSINESS ADDRESS – is the Arizona known place of business address for the LLC as currently

shown in A.C.C. records the same as the street address of the undersigned statutory agent?



4.1If you answered yes to number 4, do you want to discontinue use of your address as the known place of business

for the LLC?



5.NOTICE OF RESIGNATION – by the signature appearing below, the undersigned Statutory Agent certifies that written notice of this resignation was mailed to the LLC at the following address:

Attention (optional)

Address 1

Address 2 (optional)



State or Province


6.STATEMENT OF RESIGNATION – by the signature appearing below, the statutory agent hereby resigns from the appointment as statutory agent for the LLC named in number 1 above. The appointment as statutory agent terminates (the resignation is effective) as of the thirty-first (31st) day after the date on which the Statutory Agent Resignation is received by the Arizona Corporation Commission or upon appointment of a new statutory agent, whichever occurs first.

SIGNATURE: By checking the box marked "I accept" below, I acknowledge under penalty of perjury that this document together with any attachments is submitted in compliance with Arizona law.



Printed Name


REQUIRED – check only one:

Individual as statutory agent: I am signing on behalf of myself as the individual (natural person) resigning as statutory agent.

Entity as statutory agent: I am signing on behalf of the entity resigning as statutory agent, and I am authorized to act for that entity.

Filing Fee: None (regular processing)


Arizona Corporation Commission - Corporate Filings Section

Expedited processing – add $35.00 to filing fee.


1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona 85007

All fees are nonrefundable - see Instructions.



Please be advised that A.C.C. forms reflect only the minimum provisions required by statute. You should seek private legal counsel for those matters that may pertain to the individual needs of your business.

All documents filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission are public record and are open for public inspection. If you have questions after reading the Instructions, please call 602-542-3026 or (within Arizona only) 800-345-5819.


Arizona Corporation Commission – Corporations Division

Rev: 2010

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Include the necessary data in the notice of this resignation was, Attention optional, Address, Address optional, City, Country, State or Province, Zip, STATEMENT OF RESIGNATION by the, appointment as statutory agent for, SIGNATURE, By checking the box marked I, I ACCEPT, Signature, and Printed Name box.

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