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Form Vtr 130 Sof is a form that can be used to report suspicious activity. This form is intended to provide information about the potential terrorist threat and any other suspicious activity. The use of this form can help protect individuals, organizations, and the nation from terrorist threats. By completing this form, you can help law enforcement officials investigate any potential terrorist threats. Thank you for your assistance in protecting our nation from terrorism.

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Form NameForm Vtr 130 Sof
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesvtr130, vtr 130, form vtr130 sof, texas vtr 130 form

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Bonded Title Application or

Tax Collector Hearing Statement of Fact


Both pages of this form must be submitted to the TxDMV Regional Service Center.

Fee: Include the $15.00 bonded title application processing fee (cash, check, or money order).

Each person signing this form must provide a copy of current photo identification (State or U.S. government issued ID, or foreign passport). A verified agent of the owner must provide (1) a letter of signature authority on letterhead or printed business card (letterhead or printed business card may be copies); and (2) a copy of current photo identification (as stated above).

You may be requested to leave application overnight for processing.

Applicant's information, name and address, must match ID provided.

Applicant Information - Type or print legibly

First Name or Business Name

Middle Name


Last Name





Suffix (if any)












Mailing Address










































Vehicle Information











Vehicle Identification Number







Plate No.

Odometer Reading











Are you a Texas resident or military personnel stationed in Texas?






If “No,” was the vehicle last titled in Texas?







A. Is the vehicle you are attempting to title an abandoned vehicle?






B. Is the vehicle subject to storage or mechanic’s charges?






C. Is the vehicle subject to any type of foreclosure lien?







A. Is the vehicle you are attempting to title a Salvage vehicle?






B. Is the vehicle you are attempting to title a Nonrepairable vehicle?






Note: If a Salvage vehicle has been repaired, you must submit a Rebuilt Vehicle Statement, Form VTR-61, with this application.

4.Are you in legal possession of the vehicle?

If “No,” provide the physical location of the vehicle and reason why. Are you in legal control of the vehicle?

Yes No

Yes No

5. Was the vehicle manufactured for sale or distribution in the United States?



If “No,” proof of compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation safety requirements is required or evidence that the owner built the vehicle or had it built in the United States.

6.Is the vehicle involved in any pending lawsuits or disputes of ownership?

7.Is the vehicle operable?

If “No,” complete Application for Title Only, Form VTR-131.





8. Is this an assembled vehicle with parts from different vehicles or a Kit?



Is the self-propelled vehicle complete with a motor, body and frame; OR if a motorcycle, a motor and frame; OR if a trailer, a body


(bed and frame) and axle assembly? (An incomplete vehicle may not be titled).



9. I purchased the vehicle from:




Date of Purchase:



Purchase Price $


Reason for requesting a Bonded Title or Tax Collector Hearing:





















10.A. Is the vehicle 25 years or older?

B.If Yes, do you certify the current value is $4,000 or less?

C.If the current value is greater than $4,000 enter the amount. $

Yes Yes

No No

Applicant's Signature


State law makes falsifying information on this application a third degree felony

VTR-130-SOF Rev 02/14

Online Form at

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Bonded Title Application or

Tax Collector Hearing Statement of Fact

The following must accompany your completed Statement of Fact (page 1 of this application) in order for a bonded title to be processed by the Tax Assessor-Collector or for a County Tax Assessor-Collector's hearing to be held.

1. Photo or pencil tracing of vehicle identification number (VIN). Locations for the VIN can be found on the TxDMV website ( If you are unable to secure a photo or pencil tracing, include a complete Statement of Physical Inspection, Form VTR-270, from the website. An Application for Assigned or Reassigned Number, Form VTR-68-A, completed by a law enforcement agency auto theft unit may also be used.

2. Any evidence of ownership: bill of sale, canceled check, or other documentation.

3. Vehicle value as determined by the department, using the Standard Presumptive Value (SPV) calculator found on our website at If the SPV calculator does not return a value, the department will use a value from a national reference guide. If the department cannot determine a value, you must obtain an appraisal from a licensed dealer or licensed insurance adjuster. A Motor Vehicle Appraisal for Tax Collector Hearing/ Bonded Title, Form VTR-125, can be obtained online or from a TxDMV Regional Service Center. The appraisal must be legible; include the appraiser's business name, address, license number, and be signed by the appraiser.

4. Original bond. The name on the bond must match the name on the Application for Texas Title, Form 130-U.

Number 5 and 6 are applicable only if no Texas record is found.

5. Out-of-State Vehicle Identification Certificate, form VI-30 from the Texas Department of Public Safety or VIN verification by VTR-68-A is required.

6. If the vehicle is an out-of-state commercial vehicle or a passenger vehicle without a title specifying the empty weight, a weight certificate is required.

Contact your nearest TxDMV Regional Service Center or

visit our website at for additional information.

For Department Use Only

1. NCIC checked by

2. If no Texas record exists, resources checked by

3. ISO Claim Search (VIN Decoding) printout (if no previous texas vehicle record exists).

4. If no TX record available, VI-30 or VTR-68-A.

5. TxDMV receipt for payment of the required $15.00 administrative processing fee for bonded titles.

6. Title/registration verification if available.






no remarks


salvage vehicle title issued



nonrepairable vehicle title issued/COA




















































































































If lien found on vehicle, is the lien less than 10 years?














surety responsibility remarks


no remarks


Rejection letter issued






10. Vehicle valuation guide

-- (value circled) or original appraisal











11. Vehicle value:






x 1.5 = Bond amount:






































VTR-130-SOF Rev 02/14

Online Form at

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