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A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is a process of systematic inquiry used to assess the function of a student’s problem behavior. FBAs are conducted with the purpose of understanding why a student is engaging in problem behaviors and then developing interventions that target the function of the behavior. FBA can be helpful for educators who are looking to design individualized interventions for students who engage in problem behaviors. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of what FBAs involve and discuss some considerations when conducting an FBA. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will share intervention ideas that can be implemented following an FBA.

You will see information about the type of form you wish to prepare in the table. It will tell you the time it should take to fill out functional behavioral assessment, what fields you will need to fill in and several other specific details.

Form NameFunctional Behavioral Assessment
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields57
Avg. time to fill out12 min 9 sec
Other namesfunctional behavior pdf, functional behavioral assessment template, functional behavior assessment form pdf, functional behavior assessment example

Form Preview Example

Functional Behavioral Assessment: Part 1 (Description) Date: ______________

Student Name: __________________________ ID: ___________________ DOB: ____________ Case Manager: _______________________

Data Sources: ¨ Observation | ¨ Student Interview | ¨ Teacher Interview | ¨ Parent Interview | ¨ Rating Scales | ¨ Normative Testing

Description of Behavior (No. ____):

Setting(s) in which behavior occurs:


Intensity (Consequences of problem behavior on student, peers, instructional environment):


Describe Previous Interventions:

Educational impact:

Page ____ of ____

Name: _________________

Functional Behavioral Assessment: Part 2 (Function)

Date: ______________



Function of Behavior (No. ____): Specify hypothesized function for each area checked below.


¨Affective Regulation/Emotional Reactivity (Identify emotional factors; anxiety, depression, anger, poor self-concept; that play a role in organizing or directing problem behavior):

¨Cognitive Distortion (Identify distorted thoughts; inaccurate attributions, negative self-statements, erroneous interpretations of events; that play a role in organizing or directing problem behavior):

¨Reinforcement (Identify environmental triggers and payoffs that play a role in organizing and directing problem behavior):



¨Modeling (Identify the degree to which the behavior is copied, who they are copying the behavior from, and why they are copying the behavior):

¨Family Issues (Identify family issues that play a part in organizing and directing problem behavior):

¨Physiological/Constitutional (Identify physiological and/or personality characteristics; developmental disabilities, temperament; that play a part in organizing and directing problem behavior):

¨Communicate need (Identify what the student is trying to say through the problem behavior):

¨Curriculum/Instruction (Identify how instruction, curriculum, or educational environment play a part in organizing and directing problem behavior):

Page ____ of ____



Behavioral Intervention Plan


Date: __________

Student Name: ______________________________


ID: _________________ DOB: ______________

Case Manager: _____________________









Expected Outcome(s)


Intervention(s) &







Frequency of Intervention



Review Notes








* Review Codes: GA = Goal Achieved | C = Continue | DC = Discontinue

Expected Review Dates: __________ | __________ | __________

Signatures: _____________________










Page ____ of ____

How to Edit Functional Behavioral Assessment Online for Free

There is nothing troublesome in relation to completing the online functional behavior assessment after you open our PDF tool. By taking these basic steps, you can receive the fully filled out document in the shortest time frame you can.

Step 1: Seek out the button "Get Form Here" and then click it.

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If you want to prepare the template, type in the data the application will request you to for each of the appropriate sections:

step 1 to writing functional behavior assessment form pdf

Make sure you provide the crucial details in the Frequency, Duration, Describe, Previous, Interventions Educational, impact and Page, of field.

Completing functional behavior assessment form pdf part 2

You will need to insert particular particulars inside the space Name, Date, Antecedents, and Consequences.

functional behavior assessment form pdf Name, Date, Antecedents, and Consequences fields to complete

Within the paragraph Page, of list the rights and obligations of the parties.

Filling in functional behavior assessment form pdf step 4

End by analyzing these fields and filling them out accordingly: Behavioral, Intervention, Plan Date, Student, Name, ID, DOB, Case, Manager Behavior, Numbers Expected, Outcomes Goals, Interventions, Frequency, of, Intervention Person, Responsible, Goal, Intervention and Review, Notes

Finishing functional behavior assessment form pdf stage 5

Step 3: When you have clicked the Done button, your document should be ready for upload to any kind of electronic device or email you identify.

Step 4: Get as much as several copies of your form to stay away from any sort of future concerns.

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