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If you are a resident of Georgia, you may be familiar with the Georgia Form Att 21. This form is used to report and pay taxes on income that is derived from certain activities in the state. The information on this form is used to determine how much tax you owe on your income. In order to complete this form correctly, it is important to understand the details and requirements associated with it. This blog post will provide an overview of the Georgia Form Att 21, including what information is required and how to file it.

You can find information regarding the type of form you wish to complete in the table. It will tell you how long it should take to finish georgia form att 21, what fields you need to fill in, and so on.

Form NameGeorgia Form Att 21
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesATD_Tobacco_Dis tributors_Tax_S tamp_Bond_ATT21 ga tobacco distributors tax stamp bond form

Form Preview Example



Rev. (12/09)



Department of Revenue

Alcohol & Tobacco Division

Audit and Regulatory Section

1800 Century Center Blvd. N.E.

P. O. Box 49728

Atlanta, Georgia 30359

Telephone: (404) 417-4870

FAX: (404) 417-4871


Know all men by these presents that we,

(Name of Distributor)



a licensed wholesale tobacco distributor, as Principal and









, as Surety, are held and firmly bound unto the

(Name of Surety)



Georgia Revenue Commissioner and the Department of Revenue of the State of Georgia, in the sum of





, for which payment the said Principal

(Written Amount)

(Numeric Amount)

and Surety bind themselves and their legal representatives, successors and assigns, jointly and severally.

The condition of the foregoing obligation is as follows:

WHEREAS, the Principal does unconditionally guarantee to the Georgia Commissioner of Revenue and the Department of Revenue, State of Georgia, full payment for all tobacco tax stamps purchased during the fiscal year ending

JUNE 30, 20





NOW, THEREFORE, if the Principal pays for such purchases of tobacco tax stamps when due, then this bond shall be void; otherwise to remain in full force and effect, with respect to all such tax stamp purchases within the above limits.

The Surety may cancel this bond by giving written notice to the Georgia Revenue Commissioner and to the Principal by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, in which event the cancellation shall be effective sixty (60) days after the Georgia Revenue Commissioner and the Principal shall have received such notice, the Surety remaining liable, however, subject to the terms, conditions and provisions hereof for any purchases or acts covered hereby which may have been committed prior to the effective date of such cancellation.

This bond is given pursuant to an Act approved March 4, 1970 (GA. Laws 1970, p.146) and shall be construed in conformity therewith.



has caused this bond to be signed by its Attorney in Fact and its Corporate Seal be hereunto affixed




, 20







(Attorney In Fact)

NOTE: The official or attorney in fact signing for Surety shall attach to the original bond a certified copy of authority or power to bind the Surety. It shall show that the power is in force and effect at the time of the execution of the bond.

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Our skilled computer programmers have worked collectively to develop the PDF editor which you will work with. The application makes it simple to obtain Georgia Form Att 21 files quickly and without problems. This is all you should carry out.

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All of the following segments are what you are going to create to receive the ready PDF document.

part 1 to filling in Georgia Form Att 21

Provide the appropriate data in the segment WHEREAS the Principal does, Department of Revenue State of, if the Principal pays for such, NOW THEREFORE, The Surety may cancel this bond by, This bond is given pursuant to an, conformity therewith, IN WITNESS WHEREOF the, has caused this bond to be signed, this, Surety, Principal, Surety, and Attorney In Fact.

step 2 to finishing Georgia Form Att 21

Step 3: After you have hit the Done button, your form is going to be obtainable for transfer to any kind of device or email address you identify.

Step 4: Create a duplicate of each separate document. It will certainly save you time and assist you to refrain from issues as time goes on. Also, your information is not used or monitored by us.

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