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In an era increasingly leaning towards digital transactions and financial inclusivity, the proliferation of payroll solutions such as the Global Cash Card offers a nuanced pathway to receiving payments, especially for individuals without traditional bank accounts. Essential to harnessing this technology, the Paycard Enrollment Form serves as the initial step for employees opting to receive their wages via a Global Cash Card. This comprehensive form, requiring submission to the Payroll Department at Washington Court Place in Lansing, Michigan, captures critical details starting with the Global Cash Card number and the associated account number, facilitated through Meta Bank with a specific routing number. Beyond these technical identifiers, the form delves into the personal realm, seeking precise information from the account owner including their name, contact details, address, and sensitive identification numbers like the Social Security Number and Employee ID, underscoring the importance of accuracy and legibility in completion. Furthermore, it mandates the inclusion of location information and an attached copy of identification documentation, emphasized by requisite signatures from both the employee and a company representative, thereby ensuring mutual acknowledgment and agreement. This methodical process not only streamlines the distribution of payroll to a workforce that might be diverse in its banking preferences but also mirrors a growing trend of digital financial solutions carving out space in conventional employment frameworks.

Form NameGlobal Cash Card Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesglobal cash direct deposit form, global cash card blank checkfor direct deposit, global cash card, global cash card mobile check deposit

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Return Completed Forms to:

Payroll Department

Washington Court Place

309 N Washington Sq, Suite 203

Lansing, MI 48933

GCC Card Number: ____________-___________-___________-___________

GCC Account Number: ____________________________________________

Bank Name: Meta Bank

Routing Number: 073972181

Global Cash Card – Account Owner Information (Please Print Legibly)

First Name:

Middle Initial: Last Name:





Street Address:

Apartment #:







Zip Code:




Home Telephone:

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY):

Social Security Number:

Employee ID #:

Employee Signature


LOCATION INFORMATION (All fields must be completed by a company representative)

Location Name:

Location Number:

Form Completed By:

Telephone Number:

Attach Copy of ID Documentation

FSMKT 111 2/14

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stage 1 to filling out global cash card

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