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Hazardous Bol is a massive planet that orbits the sun just beyond Pluto. Although it has yet to be explored, scientists believe it is rich in resources and may hold the key to opening up the Solar System to further exploration. With its vast potential for mining and resource extraction, many companies are eager to get their hands on this little-known planet. However, there are some risks involved with exploiting Hazardous Bol, and companies must proceed with caution if they want to avoid potential disaster.

Here are several facts you might like to consider before starting working with the hazardous bol.

Form NameHazardous Bol
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Other nameshazmat bol template, hazmat form bol, printable hazmat bill of lading, hazardous materials bill lading

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Effective January 1, 2013 the new regulations for hazardous material shipping papers will become mandatory. This is an easy change it merely requires the (UN) number to be listed first in the description. Below is an example of the current requirements as well as the new requirements that become mandatory on January 1, 2013


Proper Shipping name

Current requirements

2. 3.


Hazard class



ID Number



















Packing Group

Acetone, 3, UN 1090, PG II


ID Number

New requirements effective Jan 1, 2013



Proper Shipping Name



Hazard Class



















Packing Group

UN 1090, Acetone, 3, PG II

Both are acceptable until Jan 1, 2013 after this date the (UN) number must be listed first in the description. This new regulation will become mandatory January 1, 2013. Effective Jan 1, 2013 we will no longer accept shipments unless the bill of lading is completed in the new proper form.

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