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Healthypaws is a new online form that helps you create a custom health and fitness plan for your pet. The form asks a series of questions about your pet's weight, diet, and activity level, and then creates a personalized plan just for him or her. Whether you're looking to help your pet lose weight or just stay healthy, the Healthypaws form can assist you in doing so.

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Form NameHealthypaws Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesclaim pet claims, healthy paws claim, claim form veterinary, claim paws

Form Preview Example

Claim Form

Questions? Call us at 855-898-8991 or email us at



Complete Your Claim Form

Please complete all information below. Don’t forget to sign and date your claim form!

Send Us Your Claim Form and Itemized Invoice

2 To help us process your claim quickly: Email, fax or mail us this claim form, your itemized veterinary invoice, and include your pet’s complete medical records if this is your irst claim. We are unable to process a claim without your pet’s medical records.

The Healthy Paws Team will then Process Your Claim

3 Our goal has always been to process your claim as quickly as possible. For repeat claims, we typically process the claim within 72 hours. First- time claims may take a little longer—between seven and ten business days, depending on when we receive all of your pet’s medical records.


Policy Number:


Pet Name:

Pet Parent Name:




Phone Number:









Invoice Number:

Invoice Total: $

Please refer to the veterinary invoice that you will submit with this claim.

Veterinary Hospital Name:

Date when your pet irst showed symptoms of this illness or injury:






What was your pet treated for?

Note: If this is the irst claim for your pet, please ask your veterinary hospital to include a copy of your pet’s complete medical history with doctor’s exam notes and any laboratory results.

Has your pet been seen by another veterinary hospital? If yes, which hospital(s)?

DECLARATION: I certify with my signature below that the information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I authorize any veterinary hospital or veterinarian to provide additional information about my pet to Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. I understand that missing information or delays in delivering the pet’s medical records may delay the processing of my claim. Claims must be submitted for processing within 90 days of invoice date.

Policyholder Signature:











Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

P.O. Box 50034, Bellevue,

WA 98015

It is a crime to knowingly provide false, incomplete or misleading information to an insurance company for the purpose of defrauding the company.

Penalties may include imprisonment, ines or a denial of insurance beneits.

How to Edit Healthypaws Form Online for Free

The completing the healthy paws claim form is pretty hassle-free. Our experts made certain our PDF tool is easy to work with and can help fill in virtually any document in a short time. Listed here are the four simple steps you have to take:

Step 1: Search for the button "Get Form Here" and click it.

Step 2: Once you've entered the editing page healthy paws claim form, you will be able to find each of the options readily available for your form within the upper menu.

Please type in the following information to fill out the healthy paws claim form PDF:

filling in claim pet claims stage 1

Jot down the data in Policyholder Signature, Date, SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM FORM AND INVOICE, EMAIL, FAX, REGULAR MAIL Healthy Paws Pet, and It is a crime to knowingly provide.

Finishing claim pet claims step 2

Step 3: As soon as you choose the Done button, your prepared form can be easily transferred to all of your gadgets or to electronic mail specified by you.

Step 4: Create duplicates of your document. This can prevent forthcoming challenges. We do not watch or share your data, as a consequence you can be confident it will be safe.

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