High School Field Trip Permission Form PDF Details

School field trips are a great way for students to learn and have fun at the same time. However, before a school can go on a field trip, the necessary permission forms need to be completed and submitted. This blog post will provide an overview of the high school field trip permission form and what information is required.

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Form NameHigh School Field Trip Permission Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields38
Avg. time to fill out7 min 51 sec
Other namesfield trip form for chemistry class, permission slip format, transportation permission slip daycare, school permission slip for parent drivers

Form Preview Example


Student Name:








Student ID number:












Field Trip Date:










Field Trip Periods:























Requesting Teacher:




Class Period:





1.Requesting Teacher: Please circle the period(s) of class in which the field trip will occur other than your own class period. Students should bring this form to all teachers of classes to be missed due to field trip (other than requesting teacher). These teachers should initial the form to acknowledge the student is intending to miss class due to the field trip and provide comments as to assignments due and/or possible effect on grade.









































2.Requesting teacher should initial this form after verifying the student has seen his/her appropriate teachers.

3.Students are to bring this form back to the requesting teacher with the necessary parental permission after they have reviewed the teacher’s comments.

(student name) please print

Has my permission to go on the field trip identified above with Mundelein High School. I realize that absences from any class(es) may require make up work to be completed and/or have negative ramifications on his/her grades due to missed in class learning experiences. I am also aware that my son/daughter must adhere to MHS rules and regulations while on this school sponsored activity.

Parent signature

Emergency contact

Phone number

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It really is straightforward to prepare the student permission form using zoom. Our PDF tool was made to be easy-to-use and allow you to fill in any form fast. These are the basic steps to take:

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These sections will make up the PDF document:

stage 1 to filling in printable field trip permission forms in pre k

Fill out the Class, Teacher, and Comments fields with any information which may be requested by the program.

Completing printable field trip permission forms in pre k step 2

In the Emergency, contact and Phone, number segment, describe the essential details.

Finishing printable field trip permission forms in pre k stage 3

Step 3: Choose the button "Done". The PDF document can be transferred. You can easily obtain it to your computer or email it.

Step 4: Ensure that you keep away from possible misunderstandings by getting minimally a pair of duplicates of the document.

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