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The Humber College Application form serves as a crucial step for prospective international students embarking on their educational journey in Canada. By meticulously outlining personal information, academic history, program preferences, language proficiency, and necessary certifications, it streamlines the application process. Applicants are required to fill out the form with attention to detail, using sentence case for input fields and saving the document to their computers before submission via email. Notably, the form accommodates attachments of scanned educational documents, enabling a comprehensive review of the applicant's academic credentials. Further instructions highlight the requirement to email completed forms and documents to, ensuring a centralized and efficient processing of applications. Additionally, the form includes a section for the submission of English language proficiency scores, a prerequisite for non-native speakers, which, if not met, may result in conditional acceptance pending successful completion of the English for Academic Purposes program. The importance of accurate and complete information is underscored by a certification section, which applicants must endorse to validate their application. An application fee, along with specified payment methods, is detailed to apprise applicants of financial obligations associated with the submission. Meanwhile, the inclusion of a Student Information Release Form addresses privacy concerns, authorizing designated individuals to act on the applicant's behalf concerning their application. By compiling these elements, the Humber College Application form encapsulates a comprehensive approach to initiating the admissions process, underscoring the college’s commitment to facilitating a seamless transition for international students.

Form NameHumber College Application Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other nameshumber college application form pdf, how to apply to humber university, humber application, humber university application form

Form Preview Example

International Application


1.Type in sentence case (Upper and lower case)

2.Save to computer and attach to email

*Scanned educational documents may also be attached

3.Email to:

Personal Information

Mr. Mrs. Ms Miss Y Y Y Y M M D D Date of Birth

















Family / Last Name






Given / First Name





Second Name

Please write names as they appear on your passport








































Current Street Address














Apt. Number















































Postal Code





































































Student email (Humber MyHumber login and student ID number will be sent to this


Agent email

















English is my first language English is NOT my first language:

Country of Citizenship

how did you hear about humber Education fair:




Internet Other

























Academic Information

Are you or will you be a graduate by the irst day of college?

Secondary School



Name of school most recently attended

Program choices


Program name


Program #


































































english for Academic Program

















Attached transcripts

secondary school


To follow






To follow






To follow


toefl/Ielts/CAel Score__________



To follow






To follow

NOTE: If applicants are fully qualiied for their program choice in all areas (ie: including portfolio, interview, subject prerequisites etc.) except their English Language skills they may be granted conditional acceptance into their program of choice. This allows guaranteed admission upon successful completion of Level 8 of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program, depending on their country of citizenship. (Number of EAP levels required will be determined upon placement testing).


incomplete information submitted in support of my application will invalidate my application.


I certify that the above information is true and complete. I understand that any false or


Application fee

$75 CAd* (non-refundable)

The fee is payable by credit card or International bank draft (with encoding).

Credit Card





Visa Mastercard

International bank draft (w/encoding)







humber Institute of technology & Advanced learning













205 Humber College Boulevard, International Centre,

Credit card number


Expiry date


Cardholder’s Name





Room D224, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M9W 5L7







Phone: 1.416.675.5067

*This application will not be processed until the application fee is received.




PleAse turn over – thIs Is A doublesIded form

student Information release form

thIs form And AGreement Is to be ComPleted bY the student












Family / Last Name


Given / First Name


Date of Birth


Please write names as they appear on your passport



























hereby authorize

my agent

Agent #












Postal code











Male Female










First name


Last name



































Postal code


























Relationship to student















to act on my behalf in all matters concerning my application for admission to Humber. Humber College is subject to the provisions contained within the

Province of Ontario’s Freedom Of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. As such, Humber College has the obligation to inform you about the collection and use of your personal information. By completing this Student Information Release Form, you are authorizing Humber College to release your personal information to the person(s) you have authorized to act on your behalf concerning your application for admission to Humber College, including all international admission matters. Your signature on this form confrms your acknowledgment and understanding of this notifcation. Humber College assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of your personal information by those you have authorized.




I agree to the above information







1.Type in sentence case (Upper and lower case)

2.Save to computer and attach to email

*Scanned educational documents may also be attached

3. Email to:

How to Edit Humber College Application Form Online for Free

You could prepare humber college offer letter time easily using our online PDF tool. In order to make our editor better and simpler to utilize, we continuously work on new features, with our users' suggestions in mind. Starting is simple! All you have to do is take these basic steps below:

Step 1: Click the "Get Form" button above on this webpage to open our editor.

Step 2: Once you access the online editor, you will find the document all set to be filled out. Apart from filling in various blank fields, it's also possible to do several other actions with the Document, particularly adding custom words, editing the initial text, inserting graphics, placing your signature to the PDF, and more.

This PDF form will involve specific details; in order to guarantee correctness, remember to consider the next guidelines:

1. To start off, while completing the humber college offer letter time, start with the part that features the next fields:

humber college offer letter completion process clarified (stage 1)

2. After filling out this step, head on to the subsequent part and fill in the essential particulars in these fields - Program choices, Program name, english for Academic Program, Start, Program, Campus, Attached transcripts secondary, College, Attached To follow, university, Attached To follow, toeflIeltsCAel Score, Attached To follow, other, and Attached To follow.

other, Attached  To follow, and Program choices in humber college offer letter

3. Within this step, check out Family Last Name Please write, Given First Name, Y Y Y Y M M D D Date of Birth, hereby authorize, my agent, Agent, other, Male Female, Company, First name, Last name, Address, Address, City, and Country. Every one of these will need to be filled out with highest awareness of detail.

Completing section 3 of humber college offer letter

Be extremely attentive while filling out First name and Company, as this is the part where most people make mistakes.

4. To go ahead, your next step involves filling out a few empty form fields. These comprise of Agreement, Y Y Y Y M M D D Date, I agree to the above information, Instructions Type in sentence, Scanned educational documents may, and Email to intlapplicationshumberca, which are fundamental to continuing with this document.

Writing section 4 of humber college offer letter

Step 3: Before obtaining the next stage, make certain that all blanks are filled out correctly. Once you’re satisfied with it, press “Done." Right after starting a7-day free trial account here, you will be able to download humber college offer letter time or email it directly. The form will also be available in your personal account menu with your every modification. At, we strive to be sure that your details are maintained private.