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The Illinois Circuit Breaker Form is a property tax relief program that is offered to senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The program provides homeowners with a credit against their state income taxes, which can help reduce the amount of property taxes they owe. In order to be eligible for the credit, you must own and live in your home, and your household income must not exceed $60,000. The circuit breaker form can be complex, so it's important to understand all of the requirements before you apply. This blog post will provide an overview of the program and explain how to apply.

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Form NameIllinois Circuit Breaker
Form Length98 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out24 min 30 sec
Other namesin sant louis city from, circuit breaker illinois application, illinois circuit breaker application, circuit breaker application

Form Preview Example

State of Illinois


Illinois Department on Aging


2011 Circuit Breaker

and Illinois Cares Rx

IL-1363 and Related


Online Filing Application

235,326 in 2009

283,284 in 2010

310, 465 in 2011


Reduces the number of errors

Reduces processing time

Seniors Ride Free

IL-1363 Application

Seniors Ride Free

Benefits available on Form IL-1363

Property Tax Relief Grant

Illinois Cares Rx Basic

Illinois Cares Rx Plus

License Plate Discount

People with Disabilities Ride Free

Seniors Seniors Ride Free

Ride Free

Property Tax Relief Grant

Property tax relief grants are for applicants who pay property tax on their residence. This includes applicants who pay rent or nursing home charges on a residence that was subject to property tax.

Individuals living in public housing or in facilities that do not pay property taxes are not eligible for the Circuit Breaker grant, but may be eligible for other benefits.

Illinois Cares Rx Basic

Covers medications for the following illnesses:

Alzheimer’s disease





Heart and Blood Pressure Problems

Lung Disease and Smoking Related Illnesses

Multiple Sclerosis


Parkinson’s Disease

HIV/AIDS (if eligible for Medicare)

Illinois Cares Rx Basic

Once you are determined eligible, Illinois Cares Rx Basic will help pay your drug costs.

In 2012 you will pay:

$5 for generic drugs

$15 for preferred brand name drugs

25% of the cost of each prescription, plus the appropriate co-pays after $1,750 in drug benefits have been paid on your behalf

Additionally, IL Cares Rx Basic will pay

The premium for your Medicare Part D coordinating plan

Any deductible amount associated with a part D coordinating plan.

Illinois Cares Rx Plus

Once you are determined eligible, Illinois Cares Rx Plus will help pay your drug costs.

In 2012 you will pay:

$5 for generic drugs

$15 for preferred brand name drugs

$20 for non-preferred brand name drugs

25% of the cost of each prescription, plus the appropriate co-pays after $2,930 in drug benefits have been paid on your behalf

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circuit breaker illinois online application gaps to consider

In the Illinois fixedroute public transit, and Seniors Ride Free box, note your data.

Filling in circuit breaker illinois online application stage 2

You can be required to write down the particulars to help the program fill out the area If you need further assistance, and FORM IL.

Finishing circuit breaker illinois online application stage 3

Step 3: Choose the Done button to assure that your finished form may be exported to any kind of electronic device you end up picking or mailed to an email you specify.

Step 4: In order to prevent possible forthcoming complications, be sure to have as much as a couple of copies of each and every file.

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