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Form NameJv 180 Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other nameshow to jv 180, request change court, 388 petition form, jv 180 fillable

Form Preview Example


Request to Change Court Order



This form can be used to request a change in a court order, to ask the court to dismiss your case, or to ask the court to establish a relationship with your sibling. After filling out this form, bring it to the clerk of the court.

1 Your information:








a. You are the:












legal guardian

foster parent




relative (specify):










social worker




probation officer























b. Your name: c. Your address:

d.Your city, state, zip code:

e.Your telephone number:

f.If you are an attorney:

Your client’s name:

Your client’s address (if confidential, see item 3):

Your client’s relationship to the child:

Your State Bar number:

Clerk stamps date here when form is filed.

Fill in court name and street address:

Superior Court of California, County of

Fill in child's name:

Child's Name:

Fill in case number, if known:

Case Number:

2Type of request (check the appropriate box below and add specific details in items 6–9, as applicable):

a. I am asking the court to change a court order.

b. I am asking the court to terminate jurisdiction.


I am asking to have a relationship with my brother or sister and


I am related to the child

on the mother’s side

on the father’s side.


I am a

blood relative

relative by adoption

relative by marriage.

3If you want to keep your address confidential, fill out Confidential Information (Request to Change Court Order) (form JV-182) and do not write the address on this form.

Check here if form JV-182 is attached.

4Child’s information:

a.Child’s name:

b.Date of birth:

c.Child’s attorney (if known):

d.The child lives with or in (check all that apply):



legal guardian


foster home


group home

I don’t know

e.Name of person the child lives with or place where the child lives Child’s address :

Check here if unknown.

Judicial Council of California, www.courtinfo.ca.gov Revised January 1, 2009, Mandatory Form Welfare & Institutions Code, § 388

Cal. Rules of Court, rules 5.524, 5.570

Request to Change Court Order

JV-180, Page 1 of 3

Child’s name:

Case Number:

5Information about parents, legal guardians, and others:

a.Names of child’s parents or legal guardians: Check here if unknown.

b.Address of parent/legal guardian:

Check here if unknown.

c.Address of parent/legal guardian:

Check here if unknown.

d.Child’s Indian tribe (if applicable and known):

e.Child’s Court Appointed Special Advocate (if applicable and known):

f.Child’s education surrogate (if applicable and known):

g.Child’s social worker (if applicable and known):

If you are asking to have a relationship with a brother or sister but not asking for a changed court order, you may skip to item 8.

6 On (date, if known):


the judge made the following order that you feel should be changed:

















7What changed after the judge’s order that would change the judge’s mind? (Give new information that the judge did not have when the original decision was made):

8What order or orders do you want the judge to make now?

9Why would the changes you are requesting be better for the child?


Check here if you need more space for any of the answers. Attach a sheet of paper and write “JV-180” at the top of the page. Number of pages attached:

Revised January 1, 2009

Request to Change Court Order

JV-180, Page 2 of 3

Child’s name:

Case Number:

11I have sent a copy of my request to the people listed below, as applicable. I have checked the correct boxes on the right to show whether these people agree with my request.

If you do not have an attorney, the clerk will send notice and copies of your request to all persons required to receive notice under Welfare and Institutions Code sections 297 and 386 and rules 5.524 and 5.570 of the California Rules of Court.




Agree Disagree Know Applicable

Child (if 10 years old, or older):

Child’s attorney:



Legal guardian:

Legal guardian:

Social worker:

Current caregiver/foster parent:

Preadoptive parent:

Court Appointed Special Advocate:

Indian tribe:

Indian custodian:

Sibling (if dependent and over the age of 10):

Sibling’s caregiver:

Sibling’s attorney:

Attorney for parent/legal guardian:

Attorney for parent/legal guardian:

County counsel:


12You can ask the judge to make a decision without a court hearing if all the people listed above agree with your request. Check here if you want a decision without a hearing.

13If anyone disagrees with your request, please explain why (if known):

14I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the information in this form is true and correct to my knowledge. I understand that this means I am guilty of a crime if I lie on this form.


Type or print your name

Sign your name

Revised January 1, 2009

Request to Change Court Order

JV-180, Page 3 of 3

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