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Kentucky Form Cs 202 is a form used to report inventory and to calculate the value of the inventory. The form is also used to calculate the book value of an asset, which is what the company would receive if they sold all their assets. The Kentucky Form Cs 202 must be filed byKentucky businesses with total assets of $5 million or more at any time during the year. The form can be filed online or through the mail. There are instructions included on how to fill out the Kentucky Form Cs 202, so make sure you read them carefully. If you have any questions, you can contact your local Kentucky Department of Revenue office.

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Form NameKentucky Form Cs 202
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesprint form cs 202, child support ky direct deposit, fill direct depoist online for child support, direct deposit form child support

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(R. 6/14)

Cabinet for Health and Family Services


Department for Income Support


Child Support Enforcement


Custodial parents may choose to receive their child support payments by electronic deposit to a checking or savings account or prepaid debit card. Please complete this form and return to the address or fax number listed below to ensure timely receipt of your child support payments. Child support system records will be updated to match the address, telephone number and financial account information provided below.



Social Security Number of Custodial Parent:








Name of Custodial Parent:



Telephone Number: (








Mailing Address of Custodial Parent:


















ZIP Code:







I would like to receive my child support payments by (choose only one):




Checking Account

Savings Account


Prepaid Debit Card

Name and address of Financial Institution (bank, credit union, etc):




Telephone Number of Financial Institution:











Account Number:


Routing Number:











I hereby authorize Child Support Enforcement (CSE) to deposit my child support payments to the account above and agree to the following conditions:

If all information provided above is correct and complete, deposit of my child support payments into this account will begin within one week. If all information provided above is not correct and complete, deposit of my child support payments into this account will be delayed. All child support payments will be deposited to this account regardless of the number of child support cases I may have open in the State of Kentucky. I must allow two to three working days from the date the CSE Agency disbursed the payment to have the funds available in my account. I authorize CSE to adjust any overpayment made to my account. If funds are returned by the Financial Institution for any reason, CSE will hold those funds. CSE will attempt to contact me to obtain new account information but will not release the funds until new account information is received. It is my responsibility to keep CSE informed of my most recent mailing address and telephone number.

No separate notice will be sent to me when child support payments are deposited into this account. I can obtain payment information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (800) 443-1576 or accessing the Kentucky Child Support Interactive (KCSI) website at

It is my responsibility to immediately notify CSE and complete a new authorization form when my account information changes. If I close my child support case, the account information on file at the time I closed my case will remain in effect until I complete a new authorization form. I can make changes to my account information electronically through the KCSI website at, by downloading the authorization form from this website, or obtaining it from my local CSE office and returning it to the address or fax number provided below.

I must return this form by fax to (502) 564-7938 or mail to the address listed below:

Child Support Enforcement Attn: EFT Coordinator P.O. Box 2150

Frankfort, Kentucky 40602-2150



Printed Name of Custodial Parent

Signature of Custodial Parent

Web site:

An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D


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The application will need you to complete the No separate notice will be sent, hours a day days a week by, It is my responsibility to, I must return this form by fax to, Child Support Enforcement Attn EFT, Printed Name of Custodial Parent, Signature of Custodial Parent, Web site httpchfskygovdiscsehtm, An Equal Opportunity Employer MFD, and Page of box.

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