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If you are a landlord, you know that verifying your tenants' information is important. The landlord verification form is the perfect tool for doing just that. This form can help you collect all of the necessary information from your tenants so that you can confirm their identities and contact information. Plus, using this form can help protect you against any potential liability issues in the future.

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Form NameLandlord Verification Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields35
Avg. time to fill out7 min 34 sec
Other nameslandlord verification form, tenant verification form pdf, sample tenant verification form, rental verification form pdf

Form Preview Example

Landlord Verification Form

Instructions to the client:

You may use this form, if you wish, to prove where you live and how much you pay for rent and utility expenses. If you would like to provide a different type of proof instead of this form, please see below for other acceptable types of proof or ask your worker.

You must provide proof of where you live. You do not have to provide proof of how much you pay for rent and utilities unless you wish to do so. However, you may be able to get more benefits if you do.

To prove where you live, you must provide this completed form or any one of the following (residency must be verified):

current rent receipt or lease,

current utility bills,

voter registration card,

wage stubs or employer’s statement,

health insurance statement,

driver’s license or school ID showing your current address, or

other acceptable proof of where you live.

To prove rental costs, you may provide this completed form or any one of the following (providing the information may increase your benefits):

current rent receipt or lease,

proof of rent if subsidized,

current cancelled check or money order receipt showing rent payment, or

other acceptable proof of rent.

To prove heating, cooling and other utilities or telephone costs separate from rent, you may provide this completed form or any of the following (providing the information may increase your benefits):

a current fuel bill for heating or cooling,

current bills for oil, gas, electricity, phone (including cell phone),

current bills for other utilities such as wood, coal, water, sewerage, trash disposal,

fuel assistance letter, or

other proof that the household has costs for heating/cooling and/or other utilities.

If you have any questions about the types of proof you may provide, please ask your worker. If you are having any difficulty obtaining verifications, please ask your worker to help you obtain them.

Instructions for completing this form:

Part I (to be completed by the Department)

Enter the name of the Department worker and the date the form must be returned; and

Enter the name and address of the tenant.

Part II (to be completed by the Landlord)

Please complete the following sections:

A.Rental Information

B.Utility Information

If all utilities are included in the rent, answer number 1 only.

If the tenant pays for any of the listed utility expenses, check the appropriate box (es).

C. Landlord Information


Part I


Name of Department Worker

Return completed form by _____/_____/_______

Part II (Please complete, sign and date this form.)


Tenant’s Name


Tenant’s Address



A. Rental Information


The total rent for this address is: $_________ per



other ________ (specify)




Does the tenant live in:

Public Housing?










Section 8 or Massachusetts Residential Voucher Program?




If subsidized: Tenant Payment is:

$_________ per



other ________ (specify)




Is the tenant behind on the rent?










B. Utility Information


Are heat/air conditioning and all other utilities included in the rent?




If not, does the tenant pay for any of the following separate from the rent?







































Air conditioning





















Gas for cooking












C. Landlord Information

Landlord's Signature __________________________________________________________________________________

Landlord’s Name (print) ___________________________________________________ Date _____/_____/__________

Landlord’s Address___________________________________________________________________________________

Landlord’s Daytime Telephone Number (_____) ______ - __________

LL/VER (Rev. 1/2008) 18-083-0108-05

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The PDF editor was made with the intention of allowing it to be as simple and easy-to-use as it can be. The following actions will help make completing the landlord tenant verification form simple.

Step 1: Initially, choose the orange "Get form now" button.

Step 2: So, you can alter your landlord tenant verification form. This multifunctional toolbar will let you insert, remove, transform, highlight, and undertake several other commands to the content and fields within the form.

Provide the required material in each one section to create the PDF landlord tenant verification form

rental verification form gaps to consider

In the Yes, Yes, Utilities, C, Landlord, Information and Landlords, Signature box, note down your data.

rental verification form Yes, Yes, Utilities, CLandlordInformation, and LandlordsSignature fields to complete

Jot down the crucial particulars in Landlords, Signature Landlords, Name, print, Date Landlords, Address Landlords, Daytime, Telephone, Number and LL, VER, Rev area.

Filling out rental verification form step 3

Step 3: After you have selected the Done button, your file will be accessible for export to any type of device or email address you specify.

Step 4: Just be sure to generate as many copies of your file as you can to remain away from potential complications.

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