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Are you ready to take the first step towards getting your licence in London? If so, then familiarising yourself with the Licence Ldn Form is a must. This form is an essential component of gaining access to the resources necessary for your licensing examination, ensuring that you meet all of the relevant requirements in order to apply and receive permission from Transport for London (TfL). Read on to learn exactly what information this form requires and find out how to complete it correctly – impress TfL with a well-filled out Licence Ldn Form!

Form NameLicence Ldn Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesrenew sia licence, disabled badge renewal form, sia renewal application form, dl 1r application form for ni driving license renewal

Form Preview Example

The information below must be completed and appear on your company letterhead

paper; signed by an authorised representative and by the security operative

(copy and paste as required)

SIA Personal Licence Dispensation Notice

[Your company name here] is an SIA Approved Contractor and is authorised to deploy the security operative named below, without the necessary SIA licence, under the following circumstances:

1.The operative is carrying out licensable activity as our employee (or equivalent) and holds proof of identity in the form of [e.g. company ID]; and

2.the operative has applied for the necessary licence and that licence application is pending; and application by the operative to carry out the same licensable activity has not previously been refused; and

4.the SIA has given notice that we have the authority to deploy security operatives who have a licence application pending and we are listed on the SIA Register of Approved Contractors as approved for the relevant licensable activity (

Full Name of Security










(block capitals)





Dispensation Start Date:





(maximum duration 10 weeks)










Dispensation Number:


Issue Number:


(from organisation records)


(maximum of one issue




without further SIA check)


Applicable Licensable Activities (Sectors):

(delete licensable activities for which your organisation is not approved and delete licensable activities for which a licence application is not pending)

Security Guard

Door Supervisor

Close Protection

Cash and Valuables in Transit

Key Holder

Vehicle Immobiliser

Public Space Surveillance (CCTV)

Non Front Line




Organisation Name:



(as defined on the SIA Register



of Approved Contractors)






(first line and postcode)






Representative declaration: I confirm that the named individual qualifies for a dispensation from holding a licence under the terms of the Approved Contractor Scheme.



Telephone Number:

Operative declaration: I confirm that I have applied for an SIA licence for each licensable activity indicated and have not previously been refused a licence or had a licence revoked for the same activity.

Licence application reference number:



The contents of this statement may be verified by contacting the Security Industry Authority ACS Team:

Email: PO Box 49768, London WC1V 6WY

Tel. 020 7025 4190: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday