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If you are in the process of applying for readmission to a college or university, such as MIT, it is important to know what steps need to be taken and understand how the admissions process works. In order to make that easier, we will take a look at the MIt Application For Readmission form and examine what information it requires and what materials must accompany your application. By understanding this form beforehand and having all needed documentation ready when submitting your readmission request, you can have confidence that you have met MIT's criteria for admission with minimal complication.

Form NameMit Application For Readmission Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namesUAAP, undesignated, g-requirements, mit application form

Form Preview Example

[Do Not Staple]

Student Support Services (S3)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office of Undergraduate Advising & Academic

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building 5-104

Programming (UAAP)

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139–4307











Fall deadline: June 15

Spring deadline: November 15

Instructions: Undergraduate students requesting readmission from a Voluntary, Medical, or Required Withdrawal should use this application. Please review all three pages carefully. This application must be received by the deadlines above to be considered for readmission. Supporting documentation (e.g., Letters, References, Transcripts) will be accepted up to two weeks (July 1/December

1)after the deadline. All deadlines are firm. Applications will be reviewed only when they are complete. Students will be notified of a decision on their application on or around August 10th for a Fall return and January 10th for a Spring return.

Personal Information


Last Name, First Name


MIT ID Number


Current Street Address


City, State, Zip


Phone Number


Preferred E-mail Address


Type of Withdrawal (Voluntary, Medical, or Required)

Previous Registration at MIT





Semester last registered




Fall / Spring




Status when last registered





Entering Year

Year (1,2,3,4)




Where did you used to live at MIT?________________________________________

Semester Requesting Readmission



Requesting readmission for




Fall / Spring


Requesting readmission into Course



Anticipated semesters until graduation



Office Use Only

Date Received
















___Emp/Prof ___Dept

___MDDoc ___CoC

___ApptDn ___Dean


S3 Committee

___Exp.A ___Exp.D

___Com.A ___Com.D

___Inc/Wd ___Group

Date Reviewed ______________

Please print on one side only.

1.Please attach a statement no longer than 2 pages detailing:

a.What you have been doing during your time away and what you have learned from your experience

b.The reasons you feel ready to return

c.An assessment of the issues you confronted at MIT and how they have been addressed

d.An honest assessment of challenges you might face if readmitted

e.A plan for how you will address these challenges

2.On a separate sheet of paper, please type a chronological, dated list of activities (e.g., classes, jobs, travel) while away from MIT.

3.On a separate sheet of paper, please type up your semester-by-semester academic plan for graduation. This plan should address your completion of the GIR subjects and, in the case of students who have declared a major, the requirements for your major. The plan, and a current MIT transcript with degree audit, should be presented to the faculty member or academic department that will be reviewing the plan for readmission (see #4 below). To obtain a current transcript and audit from the Registrar’s Office, order a transcript online at, and then email to request that a degree audit be included with the order. You should discuss your plan with your faculty advisor and/or academic department to determine if graduation requirements are being addressed.

4.Request a letter from your advisor or department to be sent to S3 This letter should comment on your suitability for readmission, your proposed academic plan for graduation, and have a brief description of anything the advisor or department would like to be taken into consideration as the readmission decision is made. You should obtain this letter from the academic department or program to which you would like to return or in the case of first-year students or undesignated sophomores, from the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP). The Undergraduate Administrator of the department can help you obtain a letter.

Course 2, 6, 7, and 11 students should be in touch with the Undergraduate Administrator from those departments. First-year and undesignated sophomores should contact their freshman advisor and Dean Donna Friedman in UAAP.

5.If you attended another college/university while away from MIT, please request that an official transcript be sent to S3. If the transcript will not be sent by the posted deadline, please ask your instructors/professors to send us an email indicating your standing in the class around the time of the deadline. The Readmission Committee also welcomes letters from instructors or professors who can comment more generally on your performance. Please list your academic activity below. Attach a separate sheet if necessary.





6.If you were employed while away from MIT, please request that letters of recommendation/verification from your employer be sent to S3. Letters should include dates of employment, description of responsibilities, hours per week, and an assessment of job performance. Letters should be written on company letterhead and signed. Please list your employment below. Attach a separate sheet if necessary.


Supervisor Name and Phone




Please print on one side only.


Did you receive medical and/or mental health treatment while on withdrawal?



If “yes”, please complete information in questions 8 and/or 9. Your application will be forwarded by S3 to MIT Medical for review. Once your information is received by MIT Medical (including the letter from your clinician), you will receive an e- mail from S3 referring you to an MIT Medical clinician to discuss your treatment and readiness to return to school. Please do not contact MIT Medical. MIT Medical will call you to set up an appointment once they have the necessary information.

8.If you have been under the care of a mental health professional since leaving MIT, please request a letter detailing the length, frequency, and nature of treatment, and an assessment of your readiness to return to MIT. Please list your mental health treatment below. Attach a separate sheet if necessary.

Clinician Name

Clinician Phone

Dates of Treatment

9.If you have been under the care of a physician since leaving MIT, please request a letter detailing the length, frequency and nature of treatment, and an assessment of your readiness to return to MIT. Please list your medical information below. Attach a separate sheet if necessary.

Physician Name

Physician Phone

Dates of Treatment


Will you be completing the Undergraduate Housing Request Form?



A special note about on-campus housing:

Due to limited openings, on-campus housing will not be guaranteed for students returning from withdrawal. If you are interested in on-campus housing, in the chance that space becomes available, you should fill out a Return From Withdrawal Housing Application. The form can be found at: Contact MIT Housing with any questions (W59-200; 617.253.2811).

For assistance and advice on your off-campus housing search, please contact the MIT Off-campus Housing Service, (W59-200; 617.253.4449) or visit,


Are you requesting housing in a fraternity, sorority or independent living group?



If “yes”, please contact the fraternity, sorority, or independent living group in which you would like to live. Please keep in mind that space may be limited and housing cannot be guaranteed. Contact the FSILG office (W59-200; 617.253.7546) with any questions.





Send this application and all supporting materials to the following address:

Student Support Services

ATTN: Readmission Coordinator

Building 5-104

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02139-4307


Please print on one side only.

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1. While filling in the UAAP, make certain to include all of the essential blank fields in its corresponding section. This will help speed up the work, which allows your details to be handled swiftly and properly.

Best ways to fill out reapplying portion 1

2. When this part is done, go to type in the applicable details in all these: MITXpt, MITMD, Date Received Citizenship Holds, App, Xpt, MIT ID Number Current Street, Fall Spring, Year, Entering Year, Year, Course, Advisor Where did you used to live, EmpProf, Dept, and MDDoc.

Part # 2 in filling in reapplying

3. In this stage, have a look at Advisor Where did you used to live, Year, Fall Spring, Please print on one side only, ComA, S Committee Date Reviewed, IncWd, ComD, and Group. All of these will have to be filled out with greatest precision.

reapplying writing process detailed (portion 3)

4. This next section requires some additional information. Ensure you complete all the necessary fields - On a separate sheet of paper, If you attended another, CollegeUniversity, Course, Dates, and Grade - to proceed further in your process!

Filling in part 4 of reapplying

It's simple to make a mistake while completing the If you attended another, consequently make sure you take a second look before you'll submit it.

5. The last section to finalize this PDF form is pivotal. Make sure to fill in the mandatory fields, including If you were employed while away, EmployerPosition, Supervisor Name and Phone, Dates, Hoursweek, and Please print on one side only, prior to submitting. Neglecting to do this might end up in an incomplete and probably invalid form!

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Step 3: Prior to moving forward, double-check that all blanks have been filled in as intended. The moment you establish that it's good, click “Done." Try a 7-day free trial option with us and gain direct access to UAAP - download, email, or edit inside your personal account page. When you use FormsPal, you can certainly fill out documents without stressing about database incidents or data entries being distributed. Our protected software makes sure that your private data is kept safe.