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If you're a fashion enthusiast, the most convenient way for you to showcase your latest wardrobe acquisition is through the use of a model fashion form. Not only does it create an effective presentation platform, but it also allows designers and stylists to properly articulate their ideas in order to develop more desirable collections that hit the mark with consumers. In this blog post, we'll be taking a comprehensive look at what goes into creating model fashion forms so that you can easily make them part of your future projects. Read on for all of the tips and tricks detailing how to construct one like a pro!

Form NameModel Fashion Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmodel description physical stats, Julie, XL, fashion modeling stats form

Form Preview Example


St. Julie Fashion Show - October 4, 2012 ~ Georgio’s Banquets

(All Information is Confidential and it is very important that the information you supply is

accurate and that you PRINT all information clearly. Thank you!)

NAME ________________________________________________________________________

(Print as you wish it to appear in the program)

ADDRESS__________________________________________City ______________Zip _______

PHONE (Home) ____________________________ (CELL)_______________________________

AGE _________ EMAIL___________________________________________________________

HEIGHT_____ ft. ______in. Hair color ____________________

Women/Teen Sizes (Indicate Jr, Petite, Pre-teen, Women's, Plus)

Attach a full length photo if possible

Dress size ___________

Blouse size ___________

Skirt/pant size _________

Tee shirt size S M L XL XXL

Sweater size S M L XL XXL


Jacket ___________

Pant: waist ______ length ________

Dress shirt: neck _____Slev ______

Tee shirt S M L XL XXL

Sweater: ____________

I am aware that there will be fittings and possibly two rehearsals a week before the show and one the night before the show at Georgio’s. I will be able to attend all or I will forfeit my place in the show.

SIGNATURE _______________________________________________________

(Check one below)

__________I have dance background and would like to dance in the model run

__________ I do not have a dance background but wouldn’t mind a few simple steps

__________I wish to model dancing please!