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Are you curious about the MV20 form? Maybe you need to fill out this document in order to get or renew a license or registration? Whatever your reason, knowing what it is and how to complete the form correctly can save you time and trouble. In this blog post we’ll go over all that you need to know about the MVD Form MV20. You'll learn exactly how it's used, when it needs to be completed, what information is required for each section of the form and most importantly, where to get an accurate copy so that you have all of your paperwork ready on time.

Form NameMvd Form Mv20
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmontana form mv20, printable montana mv 20, montana state form form mv20, montanas mv 20 form

Form Preview Example

Tit le a n d Re g ist r a t ion Bu r e a u

V e h icle / V e sse l/ OH V

Ide n t ifica t ion N u m be r I n spe ct ion Ce r t ifica t e

MVD Use Only

1 0 0 3 Bu ck sk in D r iv e , D e e r Lodge , M T 5 9 7 2 2 – 2 3 7 5

Ph on e ( 4 0 6 ) 8 4 6 - 6 0 0 0 Fa x ( 4 0 6 ) 8 4 6 - 6 0 3 9

m v dt it le in fo@m t . gov

Sa lva ge ve h icle s on ly: A fe e of $ 1 8 . 5 0 m ust be paid t o y our local dr iv er ser v ices st at ion pr ior t o t he inspect ion . Addit ional fees and t ax es m ay be due upon r egist r at ion .

* * Th is Se ct ion M u st be Com ple t e d by t h e Applica n t * *

License Plat e Num ber

Ex pir at ion Dat e

St at e of Regist r at ion

Ow ner / Applicant Nam e

Addr essCit ySt at eZip Code



* *

Th is Se ct ion M u st be Com ple t e d by t h e I n spe ct in g Office r * *




Mak e/ Manufact ur er












Body St y le

Lengt h























































Vessel MT Num ber


Vessel Use




Vessel Pr opulsion


Vessel Mat er ial

Vessel Lengt h

Vessel Ty pe



































I N.














Vehicle/ Vessel/ OHV I dent ificat ion No:











































































































































The v ehicle has: ( check one) an odom et er



a k ilom et er








































( check one) fiv e



































digit s


Odom et er / Kilom et er Reading:
























Descr ibe w her e t he v ehicle/ v essel/ OHV ident ificat ion num ber of t he Bo d y w as locat ed:

List w hat I d e n t if i e r s y ou found ( Public VI N, feder al st andar ds, fir ew all, NHTSA, et c. ) :

When r equest ed t o inspect t he Fr a m e or Se con d a r y V I N , indicat e t he num ber :

I f v ehicle/ v essel/ OHV has a salv age t it le, indicat e t he t it le num ber and st at e it is fr om :

Icer t ify t hat I hav e phy sically inspect ed t his v ehicle/ v essel/ OHV and det er m ined t hat t he infor m at ion pr ov ided is cor r ect . Rem ar k s: ( Use r ev er se side if m or e space is needed. )

Signat ur e of I nspect or

Dat e

Badge Num ber ( if applicable)




Pr int ed Nam e of I nspect or

Law Enfor cem ent Depar t m ent or Agency




M V D u se on ly : Lev el of inspect ion ( check one) : 1

$ 18 . 50 fee r equir ed? N o

Ye s

Fee paid? N o


Ye s

Check Num ber _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


M on t a n a cou n t y a n d st a t e a u t h or it ie s r e se r v e t h e r ig h t t o r e j e ct a n y f or m t h a t h a s b e e n a lt e r e d

MV20 (06/08)

This for m is av ailable in alt ernat e for m at s for people w it h disabilit ies

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