Nm Form Mvd 10048 PDF Details

Are you considering applying for a driver’s license in New Mexico? If so, it's important to understand the paperwork involved. One key form is MVD 10048. This simple document can be your first step toward driving legally and confidently on New Mexico roads. In this blog post, we will describe what MVD 10048 is, who needs to fill it out and how to complete it accurately and efficiently. With this knowledge at your disposal, you can make sure you have all of the right documentation before visiting an NM Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) location or completing other licensing transactions online – potentially saving time down the road!

Form NameNm Form Mvd 10048
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesnew mexico notice vehicle sold, notice of vehicle sold nm, new mexico mvd 10048, notice of vehicle sold mvd 10048 form

Form Preview Example

MVD– 10048 I NT. 03/ 10

N e w M e x ico Ta x a t ion & Re v e n u e D e p a r t m e n t , M ot or V e h icle D iv ision


This is t o ser v e as not ificat ion, as requir ed by Sect ion 66 - 3 - 101( A) NMSA 1978, t hat t he follow ing v ehicle has been sold, or ot her w ise t ransfer r ed or assigned, and is no longer in m y possession .

Please updat e y our r ecor ds t o indicat e t he st at us of t his v ehicle as sold.

VI N # _______________________________________________

Mak e _____________________________ Model ________________________

Model y ear __________ License plat e # __________________________________

Dat e v ehicle sold ______________________________________

Vehicle's odom et er m ileage at t im e of t he t r ansfer __________________________

Was license plat e r em ov ed fr om v ehicle?YESNO


Buy er / t r ansfer ee of v ehicle ( pr int nam e)


Buy er / t r ansfer ee’s addr ess


Seller / t r ansfer or ( pr int nam e)


Seller / t r ansfer or ’s address



Signat ur e of seller / t r ansfer or

Dat e signed

W a r n in g : Any per son w ho m ak es any false affidav it , or know ingly sw ear s or affir m s falsely t o any m at t er r equir ed by t he Mot or Vehicle Code is guilt y of per j ur y , w hich is a four t h degr ee felony ( Sect ions 66 - 5 - 38 and 30 - 25 - 1 NMSA 1978) .

Please m ail t his com plet ed for m t o:

Mot or Vehicle Div ision

At t n: Vehicle Ser v ices

P. O. Box 1028

Sant a Fe, NM 87504 - 1028

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10048 nm conclusion process clarified (stage 1)

2. After this segment is complete, it's time to insert the required particulars in Seller t ransferor print nam e, Seller t ransferors address, Signat ure of seller t ransferor, Dat e signed, W a r n in g Any person who m akes, Please m ail t his com plet ed, Mot or Vehicle Division At t n, PO Box, and Sant a Fe NM so you can move on to the third step.

Sant a Fe NM, Seller t ransferors address, and Signat ure of seller t ransferor inside 10048 nm

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