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Navigating the complexities of vehicle ownership in North Carolina involves understanding and correctly completing vital documents, one of the most important being the MVR-1 form. This form, issued by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (Rev. 05/17), serves as a comprehensive title application that plays a crucial role in the official recognition of vehicle ownership and status. It caters to a variety of needs, such as applying for a title either with or without the intent to operate the vehicle, specifying truck weight for commercial vehicles, defining the class of license required, and addressing cases where the vehicle is inoperable and unsafe for highway use. Furthermore, the form facilitates the transition of ownership through its detailed owner section, which captures the full legal names of up to two owners, their ID numbers, and addresses, while also allowing for the specification of joint tenancy rights. Its lien section is meticulously designed to record up to two lienholders, ensuring any financial claims on the vehicle are clearly noted alongside relevant details such as account numbers, lien maturity dates, and lienholder contact information. Additionally, the form serves as a declaration of the vehicle's insurance status, affirming the owner's compliance with the North Carolina Financial Security Act of 1957. To top it off, the MVR-1 form incorporates a privacy option for owners to keep their personal information confidential or open for marketing and solicitation purposes. Completing this form requires diligence, as it must be signed in ink by each owner or an authorized representative in the case of firms or corporations, underlining its significance in the realm of vehicle administration in North Carolina.

Form NameMvr 1
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmvr 1 title application, nc title application instructions, nc mvr1, mvr 1 instructions

Form Preview Example




North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles



(Rev. 05/17)












CHECK Appropriate Block/s (Application cannot be processed without certification of services)


Title Only – Vehicle Not in Operation


Truck Weight Desired ________________________

For Hire Vehicle





(This includes the truck, trailer and load)

Yes or No


Title and License Plate


Plate No. Transferred ________________________________



Class of License __________________


(List Plate Number and Expiration)



Inoperable Vehicle – Vehicle substantially disassembled

Limited Registration Plate



and unfit or unsafe to be operated on the highway


(When property taxes are deferred)


I certify that all the above information is correct. ___________ (Customer’s Initials)








Owner 1 ID # _____________________




Full Legal Name of Owner 1 (First, Middle, Last, Suffix) or Company Name



Owner 2 ID # _____________________




Full Legal Name of Owner 2 (First, Middle, Last, Suffix) or Company Name



Joint applicants request this title to be issued with Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship?

Check appropriate block:






Residence Address (Individual) Business Address (Firm)

City and State

Zip Code








Mail Address (if different from above)

City and State

Zip Code



Vehicle Location Address (if different from residence address above)

City and State

Zip Code

Tax County




Account #



Account #

Date of Lien



Maturity Date (MH)

Date of Lien


Maturity Date (MH )

Lienholder ID #


Lienholder Name


Lienholder ID #

Lienholder Name








Address ______________________________________________________ __________

Address ____________________________________________________________________

City ______________________ State _________ Zip Code ______________________

City _______________________________ State ________ Zip Code __________________









I certify for the motor vehicle described above that I have financial responsibility as required by law.



Insurance Company authorized in N.C.

Policy Number


New Used

Purchase Date

From Whom Purchased (Name and Address)

N.C. Dealer No.

Is this vehicle leased?

If Yes, Attach Form MVR-330



Equipment #


All motor vehicle records maintained by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles will remain closed for marketing and solicitation unless the block below is checked.

I (We) would like the personal information contained in this application to be available for disclosure.


I (we) am (are) the owner(s) of the vehicle described on this application and request that a North Carolina Certificate of Title be issued. I (we) certify that the information on the application is correct to the best of my (our) knowledge. The vehicle is subject to the liens named and no others. If a registration plate is issued or transferred, I (we) further certify that there has not been a registration plate revocation and that liability insurance is in effect on this vehicle on the date of this application as required by the North Carolina Financial Security Act of 1957.

OWNER’S SIGNATURE ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date ________________________________County _______________________________________State ____________________________________

I certify that the following person(s) personally appeared before me this day, each acknowledging to me that he or she voluntarily signed the foregoing document for the purpose stated therein and in the capacity indicated: _________________________________________________________________________(name(s) of principal(s) ).


Notary Printed

Signature _____________________________________________________

or Typed Name ______________________________________________________


My Commission Expires _______________________________________________

How to Edit Mvr 1 Online for Free

It is possible to prepare the get the mvr1 form file using our PDF editor. These steps will enable you to quickly get your document ready.

Step 1: Click the orange "Get Form Now" button on this website page.

Step 2: At the moment you are on the document editing page. You can edit and add information to the file, highlight words and phrases, cross or check selected words, add images, insert a signature on it, delete unneeded fields, or take them out altogether.

To fill in the get the mvr1 form PDF, provide the content for all of the segments:

entering details in north carolina title application stage 1

Provide the required information in FIRST LIEN, Account, SECOND LIEN, Account, Date of Lien, Maturity Date MH, Lienholder ID, Lienholder Name, Date of Lien, Lienholder ID, Lienholder Name, Maturity Date MH, Address, Address, and City State Zip Code box.

Filling in north carolina title application stage 2

In the OWNERS SIGNATURE, Date, County, State, I certify that the following, Notary Signature or Typed Name, Notary Printed, SEAL, and My Commission Expires area, identify the significant particulars.

Entering details in north carolina title application stage 3

Step 3: Choose the "Done" button. Now you can upload your PDF form to your device. Aside from that, you can easily forward it via electronic mail.

Step 4: Produce as much as a couple of copies of the file to remain away from any potential concerns.

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