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Form NameNc Mvr 330 Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields29
Avg. time to fill out6 min 7 sec
Other namesncdmv mvr 330, mvr 330 form, application registration plate, mvr 330

Form Preview Example


(Rev. 09/12)

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

Application for a Registration Plate or the Transfer of a Registration Plate

Non-Owner – Lessee

CHECK Appropriate Block/s (Application cannot be processed without certification of services)

Limited Registration Plate

Truck Weight Desired ________________________________

Yes or No


For Hire Vehicle

Plate No. Transferred _________________________________

Yes or No

(List Plate Number and Expiration)

I certify that all the above information is correct. ___________ (Customer’s Initials)














All motor vehicle records maintained by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles will remain closed for marketing and solicitation unless the block below is checked.

I (We) would like the personal information contained in this application to be available for disclosure.


Lessee 1 ID # _________________________




Full Legal Name of Lessee 1 (First, Middle, Last, Suffix) or Company Name

Lessee 2 ID # _________________________




Full Legal Name of Lessee 2 (First, Middle, Last, Suffix) or Company Name




Residence Address (Individual) Business Address (Firm)

City and State

Zip Code





Mail Address (if different from above)


City and State

Zip Code

Vehicle Location Address (if different from residence address above)

City and State

Zip Code

Tax County

I, (We) certify that the described vehicle is leased from the owner and that this vehicle is to be used by me and that the information on the application is correct to the best of my (our) knowledge. I further certify the above listed vehicle is properly insured as required under G.S. 20-

309 by:



Insurance Company Authorized in N.C.

Policy Number

Signature of lessee ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Must be personally signed in ink by the lessee; if firm or corporation, by one of its authorized representatives, or, if in joint ownership, signature by each must be affixed)


As owner of the above described motor vehicle, I do certify that it has been leased to the person, firm or corporation whose name appears as lessee and further certify that it is being used by such lessee. Consent for the licensing of this vehicle in the name of the lessee is hereby given. The vehicle is properly insured, by the company listed above, as required by G.S. 20-309.

Signature of lessor __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Must be personally signed in ink by the lessor; if firm or corporation, by one of its authorized representatives, or, if in joint ownership, signature by each must be affixed)

Instructions: A certificate of title must be vested and recorded in the name of the owner before a registration plate can be issued. If the vehicle is owned by a nonresident and is registered in a state other than North Carolina, the certificate of title, or registration certificate, must accompany this application. Proof of financial responsibility is required.

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ncdmv mvr 330 blanks to consider

Indicate the details in Lessee, IDLes, see, ID Mail, Address, if, different, from, above City, and, State City, and, State City, and, State Zip, Code Zip, Code Zip, Code, Tax, County Policy, Number LESSOR, CERTIFICATION, SECTION and Signature, of, lessor

ncdmv mvr 330 LesseeIDLesseeID, MailAddressifdifferentfromabove, CityandState, CityandState, CityandState, ZipCode, ZipCode, ZipCodeTaxCounty, PolicyNumber, LESSORCERTIFICATIONSECTION, and Signatureoflessor blanks to fill out

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