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Non Profit Lpuna 128 Form is a great way to document your non-profit organization. This form will help you stay organized and compliant with all state and federal regulations. The LPUNAA 128 form can be used by any non-profit, regardless of size or budget. Be sure to fill out the form completely and accurately, so that you can maintain a smooth operation for your non-profit.

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Form NameNon Profit Lpuna 128
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields29
Avg. time to fill out6 min 22 sec
Other namesstate of california registration of unincorporated nonprofit association, ca form lp una 128, california form lp una 128, sec state form lp una 128

Form Preview Example

State of California

Secretary of State




1.Complete and mail to: Secretary of State, Document Filing Support Unit, P. O. Box 944225, Sacramento, CA 94244-2250 (916) 657-5448

2.Include filing fee of $10.00 per box checked below.


This space For Filing Use Only

Association includes any lodge, order, beneficial association, fraternal or beneficial society, historical, military, or veterans organization, labor union, foundation, or federation, or any other society, organization, or association, or degree, branch, subordinate lodge, or auxiliary thereof.

Registration For:












Association Name




Street or Mailing Address

City and State

Zip Code

Nature of Alteration (If Any):

Description of Insignia, which may include badge, motto, button, decoration, charm, emblem, or rosette:

Attach Facsimile:

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that I am a chief officer of the association; that I am authorized to act on behalf of the association with respect to completing and submitting this application; that the information contained in this application is true and correct.

Signature of Officer


Typed Name and Title

Signature of Additional Officer (Optional)


Typed Name and Title

Sec/State Form LP/UNA 128 (Rev. 11/2020)

2020 California Secretary of State

Clear Form

Print Form

Secretary of State

Business Programs Division

Business Entities

1500 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

P.O. Box 944260, Sacramento, CA 94244-2600

Submission Cover Sheet


Complete and include this form with your submission. This information only will be used to communicate with you in writing about the submission. This form will be treated as correspondence and will not be made part of the filed document.

Make all checks or money orders payable to the Secretary of State.

In person submissions: $15 handling fee; do not include a $15 handling fee when submitting documents by mail.

Standard processing time for submissions to this office is approximately 5 business days from receipt. All submissions are reviewed in the date order of receipt. For updated processing time information, visit

Optional Copy and Certification Fees:

If applicable, include optional copy and certification fees with your submission.

For applicable copy and certification fee information, refer to the instructions of the specific form you are submitting.

Contact Person: (Please type or print legibly)

First Name: __________________________________________________ Last Name: _______________________________________________

Phone (optional): ______________________________________________

Entity Information: (Please type or print legibly)

Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Entity Number (if applicable):_____________________________________

Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Return Address: For written communication from the Secretary of State related to this document, or if purchasing a copy of the filed document enter the name of a person or company and the mailing address.









Doc Submission Cover - BE (Rev. 11/2020)

Secretary of State Use Only



Clear Form Print Form

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uniform unincorporated non profit association gaps to complete

Write the appropriate data in the Attach, Facsimile Signature, of, Officer Date, Date, Typed, Name, and, Title Typed, Name, and, Title Sec, State, For, mL, PUNA, Rev and California, Secretary, of, State section.

uniform unincorporated non profit association AttachFacsimile, SignatureofOfficer, Date, Date, TypedNameandTitle, TypedNameandTitle, SecStateFormLPUNARev, and CaliforniaSecretaryofState blanks to complete

Within the area referring to time, First, Name, LastName Phone, optional Name, and Entity, Number, if, applicable you will need to write down some significant data.

uniform unincorporated non profit association time, FirstNameLastName, Phoneoptional, Name, and EntityNumberifapplicable blanks to insert

Indicate the rights and obligations of the sides inside the part Comments, Name, Company, Address, City, State, Zip Doc, Submission, Cover, BE, Rev Secretary, of, State, Use, Only T, TR and AM, TRE, CD

uniform unincorporated non profit association Comments, Name, Company, Address, CityStateZip, DocSubmissionCoverBERev, SecretaryofStateUseOnly, TTR, and AMTRECD fields to insert

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