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If you have ever been notified of a lien sale, you may be wondering what that means for you. A lien sale is a public auction in which the assets of a person or business are sold to pay off a debt. The form that notifies you of the lien sale is called a notice lien sale. If you receive this form, it is important to take action right away. You can learn more about what to do next in this blog post.

You can definitely find it beneficial to understand the amount of time you'll need to prepare this notice lien sale and how lengthy the form is.

Form NameNotice Lien Sale
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmv 901 form dmv, ny mv 901, nys dmv mv 901 form, mv 901

Form Preview Example


All information (except signature) must be typed. Be careful when entering vehicle, hull or manufactured home ID number. When information is not legible, is incorrect, or not complete, the lien is not recorded.

For more information about filing a lien electronically, visit


Identification Number



Body Type/Hull

Registration/Plate No. of Borrower, if any

This is a: Vehicle Boat Trailer Manufactured home


Owner’s Last Name






Owner’s Last Name






Street Address (including Apt. No.)








Zip Code




Check here if this is a new address.

NOTE: Lien will be recorded only if the name(s) listed as the owner(s) is EXACTLY the same as the owner(s) recorded, or to be recorded, on the Certificate of Title. If a Certificate of Title has not been issued to this borrower, print the name as it appears on the driver license.

OWNER’S STATEMENT: I understand that the lienholder will send this notice to the DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES. If a title was previously issued in my name for this vehicle, boat, trailer or manufactured home, I gave it to the lienholder to be sent to DMV with this notice. I understand that a new Certificate of Title, showing the lienholder’s name, will be mailed to me.









(Must be an original signature. If a POA is used,

(Must be an original signature. If a POA is used,

a copy of the POA must be attached.)

a copy of the POA must be attached.)

If signing for a corporation, print your name and title:



Lien Filing Code (assigned by DMV: enter only if a code has been assigned to you or your company)

Lienholder’s Name

Lienholder’s Name (continued)

Street Address



Zip Code

This notice authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to disclose (or otherwise make available) information about the lienholder obtained by the department in connection with this record.


Date of Security Agreement

(Lienholder’s Signature—Must be an original signature or a facsimile stamp)

Has a NY Certificate of Title been issued to this borrower?



LIENHOLDER: Mail this form, the $5 fee paid by the lienholder payable to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, and the owner’s title (if issued) to: TITLE BUREAU, NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES, PO BOX 2604, ALBANY NY 12220-0604

You can verify online if a lien was recorded or if a title certificate was issued.

Go to the Lien/Title Certificate Status page at the DMV web site:

MV-900 (7/19)

reset/clearset/ lear



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We found the top programmers to build this PDF editor. The software will let you prepare the mv 901 file effortlessly and won't eat up a lot of your time. This simple guide will assist you to get going.

Step 1: Initially, select the orange button "Get Form Now".

Step 2: So, you can edit your mv 901. This multifunctional toolbar permits you to add, remove, alter, highlight, and perform other sorts of commands to the text and areas inside the form.

The PDF file you plan to create will include the next sections:

mv 901c blanks to consider

Type in the data in the OWNERS STATEMENT I understand that, OWNERS SIGN HERE X, Must be an original signature If a, Must be an original signature If a, If signing for a corporation print, Name, LIEN INFORMATION, Lien Filing Code assigned by DMV, Date, Title, Lienholders Name, Lienholders Name continued, Street Address, City, and State field.

Filling out mv 901c step 2

Within the field talking about You can verify online if a lien, and resetclear, you have got to write down some vital details.

step 3 to completing mv 901c

Step 3: Press the Done button to save your file. Then it is at your disposal for transfer to your electronic device.

Step 4: To stay away from potential upcoming challenges, it is important to have as much as two or more duplicates of every single document.

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